Eid gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

Eid gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers

mini muslim subscription box as an eid gift ideas for toddlers

Welcome to my first Eid gift guide! This one covers Eid gift ideas for toddlers. The focus is on one-year-olds to early preschool, purely because that’s the age my little reviewers are at. As long-standing readers of my blog will know, I ONLY feature products I have reviewed and verified for myself.

Now, this gift guide could have been as long as my arm. We have a lot of stuff for our kids. And that includes every toy imaginable. Not that I’m a spendthrift or a spoiler, however my kids are very blessed to have very generous family and friends as well as a daddy who has a weakness for buying his babies all manner of gadgets and gizmos and toys (truthfully, I’m a little that way, too!).

However, for this Eid gift ideas for kids guide, I didn’t want it to be just a product dump. I wanted to include a select curation of gift suggestions that hopefully tick the box of being practical and affordable. I’ve looked for things that help a child’s development, and as a bonus, lots of these toys are as appealing to my just-turned-one-year-old, as they are to my 3.5-year-old, making them rather valuable buys. 

Eid gift ideas for toddlers from small businesses

Can you believe, I’ve been blogging for a decade now and while I’ve featured Ramadan recipes, what to get for Valentine’s Day and reviewed dozens of halal restaurants in a London and Manchester, this is my first Eid gift guide?

As a British Bangladeshi Muslim mum of two, it’s time I put right this wrong.

One of the things that makes me happiest about this Eid gift ideas guide for kids is that there is a huge focus on independent and small businesses. Let’s face it, Covid has hit many of us hard, not least small businesses. However, there are some amazing businesses out there that need our support, some of them are featured in this guide. I’m also glad to report that many of those businesses are female led. Some are even ran by fellow Muslim mums, which makes my heart happy.

So here it is, my Eid gift ideas for toddlers guide…

Learning Resources Farm Animals

These large farm animals are the perfect gift for inquisitive little ones. With realistic looking details and soft durable material, these animals are designed for imaginative play and learning.

The farm animals, though aimed at 18month olds, seem to surpass age groups, as my three-year-old daughter is just as enamoured with the animals.  We’ve been playing farmer Hannah and farmer mummy and brother for days now, and I must say my West country accent has come on a treat.    

T-Racer Mix and Race set

T-Racers Mix and Race set

For an Eid gift for pre-schoolers that fuels their imagination and aids learning and development, the T-Racers series is a great way to go. 

Whether it’s encouraging creative play or fine motor skills, T-Racers has it all. 

T-Racers is a completely new vehicle concept, offering a revolutionary way of playing with cars via a ‘mix and race’ formula – each vehicle is made up of five different parts, which can be interchanged to create a favourite car. There are more than 500 possible combinations allowing children to build custom cars, with each part having a special power or characteristic which children will have great fun mixing up.

My Hannah is loves a toy that pushes her grey matter, so this is the perfect thing to keep her occupied for hours.

Learning Resources Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog

When I became a mum, I learned a LOT about babies.  I don’t just mean getting the hang of breastfeeding or setting a nap schedule (still working on that one, as my previous parenting blog posts will attest), but also the importance of fine motor skills.

From encouraging baby led weaning, to ensuring that tiny children get to have lots of tactile play, grasping the importance of gross and fine motor skills was an eye-opener.  I learnt how much of a crucial component it was for baby development. I also learnt that the simplest of toys, aided the most important skills. 

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is designed exactly for this element of the babies development. It comes with 12 quills to slot into each respective hole. A basic skill that we take for granted, but that is a challenge for small hands that delivers such huge developmental benefits.

What I love about Learning Resources is that they take so much care and attention to enable, and enhance a child’s learning, without them even realising it.

Again, like the farm animals, my Hannah loves the Hedgehog just as much as baby Ishaaq.

Check out Learning Resources here.

Doidy cup and bowl gift set 

The Doidy cup and bowl gift set for baby led weaning is the most practical Eid gift for toddlers. Okay, it’s more for the mums, as it saves a lot on mess, but as it encourages independence from a young age, the toddler would love it too.

My Ishaaq is still getting to grips with drinking from a cup, and most of the contents goes on his clothes rather than in his mouth. And don’t get me started on mealtimes. His favourite thing is tossing a bowl. Luckily, this Doidy gift set includes a BPA-free bowl that comes with super-suction, making it impossible for a toddler to throw it from his feeding tray or table. Mwahahahaha.

Getting personal Eid Toblerones 

Okay, so I kind of ration the sweet stuff for my little ones, so my writer kindly took one for the team and graciously accepted these personalised Toblerone’s which have a special Eid. It’s a tough gig.

It’s the Toblerone we all know and love, but with an extra special touch. Adorned with a festive lantern design and available to purchase with any message, these make for a great Eid sack filler. While I’ve put these on the kids Eid gift guide, they wouldn’t be at all out of place in my Eid gift ideas guide for him or her. 

Getting Personal have thousands of gifts that can be personalised with any message, and for more suggestions from this fab brand, check out my Eid gift guide for her and him.

Anafiya gift sacks

One of the things I was sure I wanted to do after becoming a mother, was to make sure that Eid was as big a deal as Christmas is for my kids. You can’t avoid the commerciality of Christmas, whether it’s the programmes on TV, the presents that are on sale from, basically, August, to the beautiful Christmas lights that you see everywhere from people’s houses to town squares.

I’m acutely aware that Hannah thinks Christmas is magical and special, and I wanted to make sure that she knew Eid was special for us.

One of the great things is that there are businesses out now that weren’t around when I was growing up, which aim to provide the magic for Eid. One of which is Anafiya gifts.

Their gorgeous Eid gift sacks come in a range of colours and are big and generous enough to fill with lovely Eid gifts for kids.  I’ve already started curating goodies for Hannah and Ishaaq and can’t wait to see their little faces of Eid morning when they see their individual gift sacks.

Check out Anafiya Gifts here.

Learning Resources Wildlife camera

A perfect present for the inquisitive pre-schooler, the Learning Resources Safari Camera has it all. With a tripod and viewfinder binoculars containing 130 built-in images, it brings the Safari to your living room. The camera also reads our 200 wildlife facts, with the voice of wildlife expert Robert Irwin, the son of legendary Steve Irwin.
Hannah’s delighted with her Safari camera and is constantly reciting new facts to me. Just like the other toys featured in this guide, it’s almost of as much interest to Hannah as it is to her one-year-old brother, Ishaaq. So as far as Eid gift ideas for toddlers go, you can’t go wrong with this.

Head over to learning resources website here.

Hey, what about us ladies? I’ve got your covered, check out Eid gift ideas for her here.

Mini Muslim subscription boxes

For Islamic education combined with fun, a Mini Muslims subscription box is a great gift idea for kids.

The monthly subscription boxes deliver Islamic educational activities and crafts to your door.

We reviewed April’s box which consisted of a Ramadan theme and is for children aged three to eight years.

The Mini Muslim box contained educational, spiritual craft activities along with instructions. This particular box included a lovely Eid lantern with jewels and felt tips to decorate, some cut out good deed notes and several instruction and education cards explaining some key aspects of Ramadan.

There is also some great thought and meaning behind the Mini Muslim boxes. They have been developed by a qualified teacher and occupational therapist supporting the national curriculum, EYFS with influence from Montessori and forest school.

Boxes are £13.95 including delivery. Sibling boxes are also available at £18.95 for 2 children and £25.95 for 3 children.  Boxes are pre order only and shipped towards the end of each month arriving to your home within the first week of each month.

Check out Mini Muslims on insta here.

Pink Pocktail Eid decorations

Pink Pocktail could’ve been just as welcome in the Eid gift ideas for her blog post, however, seeing my daughter unbox the gift selection was pure magic.

She was beyond excited to see the moon and star lights. She was equally enamoured by the crescent moon and star tray, which provide the perfect homes for dates, chocolate the other goodies to share on the table during an iftari feast.

I’m particularly loving the moon and stars trays because they’re sizeable and practical, and I’ve already got designs on lining it with tissue paper before filling with daal bora, samosas and other delicious Bengali snacks during Ramadan.

I went back to Pink Pocktail to order a few more pieces as I’m creating an Eid corner for the kids this year, with an Eid advent calendar, fairy lights and other festive decorations taking pride of place.

I’ve always said, I wanted to make it as magical for my kids as Christmas is. And with gifts from Pink Pocktail, it might be even more so.

Check out Pink Pocktail’s insta here.

Fahima Bakes brownies and cakesicles

Another small business run by a brilliant Muslim Mama is Fahima Bakes, And I’m proud to feature it in this Eid gift guide. This could easily have ended up in my Eid gift guides ideas for her guide (or Eid gift ideas for him) as I enjoyed the brownies and cakesicles myself!

Fahima Bakes’ products are as good as I’ve had in any bakery and honestly, she could give the high street patisseries a run for their money.  Another great thing is the care and attention to detail.  Key allergens were highlighted on the box, as well as storage information and use by date. But more to the point, look at the flower detail on this cakesicle?

Check out Fahima Bakes on insta.

For more food ideas, check out my 21 Ramadan recipe ideas for an iftar feast.      

Rolling musical ball 

A perfect present that will work as a hand-me-down, too. The pink roller ball was a firm favourite for Hannah, and now it’s a firm favourite for Ishaaq. With its spinning rotating turtle on the top, and animal shaped buttons that talk or play music when pressed, it’s a great way to encourage your baby or toddler to get moving. Ishaaq had a great fun chasing the spinningball, especially when the lights illuminate. I’m also pleased to report, that this ball is still going strong after three years, making it a very long-lasting Eid present. 

Mega blocks

An absolute classic of a gift idea for Eid. Megablocks is another toy that surpasses the ages.  I initially bought the bag of Megablocks for Hannah when she was a baby. But it’s only now that she’s really getting to grips with it making pretend cakes, pretend camels, and generally being creative. What’s more, baby Ishaaq also loves playing with the Megablocks, but he is more at the putting it in his mouth stage. On the plus side, they’re not a choking hazard because they’re too big, unlike regular Lego.

You can buy Megablocks here.

Wooden abacus

Another gift that lasts and lasts.  The beauty of the wooden abacus lies in its simplicity.  It’s great for pretending to count out money, playing shop, or a simple maths quiz.

I also love the fact that it’s back to basics. No gizmos, no flashy lights, no gadgets, and absolutely zero screen time required. It would feel just as in place in an Eid gift guide 50 years ago as it is today.  Hannah uses the abacus for counting, while baby Ishaaq just loves spinning the coloured beads around.

I bought this specific abacus from Amazon.

Leapfrog Scout Learning lights remote

Another bit of gadgetry, I’m afraid.  However, in a world of screens, I think a battery operated toy isn’t the worst thing in the world.  This leapfrog toy, which focuses on learning, plays songs, number games and has pretend channels to teach The ABCs, the weather, and even some French! And with more than 15 buttons and over 100 phrases, sounds and music, the options are endless.  This makes it a great toy for Ishaaq to punch his little fist into, or for Hannah to actually learn something. You’ll see a pattern here, but I’m all for the toys that siblings can share and get use out of.  Not just because I’m a stingy Bengali.  

You can get the Remote Control here.

Imagination play toys

Something I absolutely adored growing up, is the toys where you pretend to act like a grown-up. Hannah loves her pretend post office, her pretend kitchen, and the musical instruments. Again absolutely fantastic gifts for pre-schoolers.

Shop similar kitchen utensils here.

Wooden musical instruments

Another classic gift option for children, that’s inexpensive, long-lasting and great for encouraging fine and gross motor skills. I actually picked up these musical instruments from Home Bargains for a couple of pounds and they make for a fantastic Eid gift or sack filler.

You can shop a similar kids xylophone here.

Wonderful Women in Islam story books

I actually bought these books a while back but they are totally worthy of a mention in this Eid gift guide.

This chunky, tactile books are great for very short Islamic teachings. Perfect for a young inquisitive brain. I’ve said this a lot in this post, but I am so glad that my children get to have Islamic books, toys and learning resources.  These things weren’t available for me, so I’m so glad it’s available for them.

Check out the Sparkle and Shine insta here.

Have I missed anything in this Eid gift guide? Let me know your recommendations in a comment below.


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