21 easy Ramadan recipes for an Iftar feast!

April 30, 2020

Easy Ramadan recipes for an Iftar feast!

Easy Ramadan recipes

Firstly, a very belated Ramadan Kareem! Having a newborn and toddler has cut my productivity. Plus I’ve been busy prepping for my first literature festival. But that’s another story for another post!

Anyhoo, if you’re familiar with my blog, you know I’m all about keeping things simple (lazy).

And that mantra extends to my food. I’m all about easy recipes, with minimal ingredients. This not only seems perfect for Ramadan, It’s also very appropriate in this current climate. So for ease of reading, I’m detailing some of my best recipes below, to see you through all the Ramadan Iftars, and be enjoyed all year round. Click on the recipe  titles for the full ingredients and method.

For Eid gift ideas from small businesses:

A word on healthy eating – beat the bloat

The above article details my tips on avoiding the inevitable fasting then feasting then feeling bloated and uncomfortable.

Click on recipe titles for full ingredients and method

21 easy Ramadan recipes

Cheese, potato and sweetcorn samosas recipe 

Cheese and sweetcorn samosas
Such a quirky twist on the traditional samosa. East meets west. Pasty meets samosa. Whatever it is, it’s good.

For my easy samosa folding tutorial, click here.

Bengali roast chicken recipe

Bengali roast chicken

Quite simply, the best roast chicken you’ll ever try. That’s a big claim, but I stand by it.

Deep fried spicy potato sandwich recipe

Deep fried Masala potato sandwiches

You don’t get much more greasy, indulgent and delicious than a deep-fried sandwich filled with spicy potato. And yes, it is waaaay tastier than it sounds. Think of it like a fluffy vegetable samosa.  The sandwich filling, with its spicy potato is laced with ketchup. The nutritional value is close to zero, but hey, after a hard days fasting, you’ve earned it.

Courgette (raw courgette ribbons) recipe 

How do you make courgette taste like exotic green mango? With this surprisingly easy and profoundly delicious recipe. You’ll never eat courgette the same way again.

Cheese potato and sweetcorn pasty with ready roll pastry recipe 

Cheese potato and sweetcorn pasties

Minimal fuss, less than five ingredients, and barely any cooking. You don’t need Greggs with these home-made pasties. Plus it’s great reheated up for Suhoor.

Aloo bora (potato pakora) recipe

Deep fried aloo bora (potato pakora)

My favourite pakora/bora, it always reminds me of iftar at my mums. This aloo bora recipe only requires six ingredients including the spices.

Chickpea feta and beetroot salad recipe

Chickpea feta and beetroot salad

This is Jamie Oliver’s chickpea salad with a twist. The chickpeas provide a protein kick, the feta gives a good amount of fat and the beetroot provides colour and beautiful flavour.

Bengali lamb curry recipe

Homemade lamb curry with potatoes

Simple, classic, hearty and delicious. Made from scratch and with love. Enough said.

Curried sardines recipe 

Curried sardines

Yes it sounds horrible. But the humble tin of sardines is packed with goodness and spiced up it’s a staple in every Bangladeshi household. You’d be silly not to give it a try in these harsh lockdown times.

Masala chilli cheese on toast recipe 

spicy cheese on toast

I actually got inspired to make and share this masala chilli cheese on toast recipe after visiting Dishoom restaurant in Shoreditch, where they served a retro style cheese on toast with an Asian twist.

My review of Dishoom restaurant is here, but in the meanwhile, I wanted to share this easy, tasty and filling dish, which will satisfy the hungriest of tummies.

Turkish Ezme Salad recipe 

Turkish ezme salad

Quite possibly the juiciest most flavoursome, Moorish salad I’ve ever tried. I first tried Turkish ezme salad at Maeda grill.

If you haven’t tried Turkish Ezme salad, you really have to!  It’s not just any salad. In fact, it’s hardly a salad. It’s more of a delicious juicy, mouth-watering dipping sauce. And frankly, it knocks humous out of the water.

Chickpea and potato curry recipe

Chickpea and potato curry with pitta bread and salad

The pulses, tomatoes and potatoes are a dream when eaten with chapattis, or even pitta bread.  And a dollop of natural yoghurt, ideally spiced up which chaat, just tops it all off.

Spicy chicken soup recipe

spicy chicken soup recipe

This offers a great way to use leftover roast chicken. Much better than a chicken sandwich.

Daal bora (lentil pakoras) recipe 

A plate of daal boras - lentil pakoras

If you’ve not tried daal bora, Then you really haven’t eaten. Correct that lifetime error right now and make this easy to follow recipe. You’re welcome.

Home-made pizza baps

homemade pizza baps recipe

So this isn’t pretty or healthy. Take a picture of this and you won’t trend on Instagram. When it’s this easy to make and this nice, who cares?

Aloo Chaat chaat

aloo channa chaat - spicy potato and chickpeas

You may have guessed from this list that I’m a fan of potato. This recipe teases another of my loves – Indian street food (FYI I review some of the best in London here).

Green mango and garlic chutney recipe

green-mango-and garlic-chutney recipe

The perfect palate cleanser. This easy fruity zingy side salad will help wash away all that deep-fried greasiness.

Three ingredient potato cake recipe

Potato cakes for toddlers

Couldn’t be simpler. This easy potato recipe is a great way to use leftover mashed potato. I originally made it for my toddler but after dipping in sweet chilli sauce I realised it’s pretty tasty for adults too.

Suhoor food ideas

When it comes to middle of the night eating, the Focus should be on filling you up for longer. Try these healthy sustaining recipes.

Date and nut energy bars

Chia seed energy bars

Yes, it looks like a pooh, but it tastes great. As every fasting household has dates in stock, it’s a pretty resourceful recipe too. Plus the nuts and seeds help keep you fuller for longer.

Cold fruit porridge and yoghurt


Another one that’s a deceptively delicious. These overnight oats soaked in juice and water and combined with fruit of your choice is to my mind and much more satisfying alternative to warm porridge.

I’ll keep updating this list with recipes, so do check back. If you’ve got a Ramadan recipe you’d like to share, leave it in a comment below.


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