Eid gift ideas for wife (Show him this!)

April 12, 2021

Eid gift ideas for wife (that’s you, btw!)  

El Camino bracelet

So I’ve covered Eid gift ideas for him, and an Eid gift guide for kids, so now for the important one – Eid gift ideas for her.  Which of course, means you!  Research shows that many men are searching for Eid gifts ideas for wife, which is a very good thing.  As a wife and mum myself, I’m happy to put in my contribution to this most important search, with my very own custom curated Eid guide just for us.                

And rightly so, it’s a monster. Why? Because us ladies have been keeping it all together over the last year during this crazy pandemic, so we damn well deserve a treat.    

So whether you’re reading this gift guide for inspiration for a friend or relative, thinking what is a good gift for mother-in-law, or you’re thinking of what hints to drop to your hubby, there’ll be something here.   

As with my other Eid gift guides (you can see the kids’ guide here and the men’s Eid gift ideas here), this guide is loaded with small business offerings. Many of the small businesses featured in my guides are run by Muslim mums, which goes to show what amazing things we can do, if ever we needed any more convincing.

To further support these independent businesses, I’ve included their Insta’s, so do check them out.  

Eid gift ideas for wife

Rita Farhi Dates

A box of Rita Farhi dates make a great Eid gift idea for wife

Dates are a cornerstone of Ramadan and no iftar table is complete without them. So for some added luxury for Eid or even as an offering during Ramadan, Rita Farhi dates present a sumptuous offering.

Showcased in their signature nine-way gift box, this selection of premium Medjool dates, stuffed with delicious, unique, luxurious fillings or coated in premium Belgian chocolate, is a truly decadent gift.  

 The fillings include zesty orange peels, creamy marzipan, as well as a wonderful selection of nuts; boasting premium pistachios, crunchy cashews, the finest Californian almonds and Persian walnuts.

The chocolate-coated dates have been dipped in silky dark chocolate, smooth milk chocolate and a creamy white chocolate. It took a lot of willpower not to dive in before taking the photos.      

This stunning selection of Medjool makes a luxurious gift and a stunning table centrepiece.

Check out their insta here. 

For more food ideas, check out my 21 Ramadan recipe ideas for an iftar feast.      

Maggio stiletto heels

Maggio stiletto heels

For a touch of luxury this Eid (lets face it, you deserve it), nothing is more fitting than a pair of Maggio heels.

Inspired by Greek mythology, each pair of Maggio heels takes three months to be custom made by the team in Naples, Italy.

What makes Maggio heels different is the use of bold, striking colours across the ranges which are aimed at enabling women to have fun with their fashion, adding colour and design to an everyday outfit.

Each heel range has a unique detail, with the gold ornament adorning the top of the shoes in the Hemera range (pictured) being a symbol of ancient Greece.

I especially love the gold sole and detailing. It’s guaranteed to brighten up any Eid outfit.

To see the full range of stunning designs visit: https://bymaggio.com.


Engraved Swarovski® Elements Glass Vase

swarovski vase eid gift idea for her

Cut from crystal glass, this simple yet elegant vase features a swirling heart design with Swarovski® diamanté crystal accents. It can be engraved with a message to create a bespoke display piece, perfect for a bouquet of someone special’s favourite flowers on any occasion!

As I have rather ginormous vases in my home, this one is the perfect size for a small bouquet.

For more Eid gift ideas from Getting Personal check out my gift guide for him and Eid gifts for kids.


Waterpik flosser    

Who said Eid gifts can’t be practical? I for one love receiving something useful and one of the best things I’ve tried recently is the Waterpik flosser. I think I’m showing my age.

As many mums will know, during pregnancy and in the early days of motherhood you spend A LOT of time in the dentist’s chair. This is because your teeth are more sensitive to bleeding, cavities and other unpleasantness.

Like most people with a pulse, I’m not a fan of the dentist. I find the whole experience brutal and terrifying, but I know they’re a necessary evil. However, I’ve learnt how to get into their good graces. Eating less chocolate and biscuits obviously, but also using the rather addictive Waterpik flosser. It’s gentler than string floss and much more thorough. I didn’t mention to my dentist that I’d upped my regime on my last visit, so was pleased to receive praise for my gnashers.   

So if you’re looking for a practical Eid gift idea for her, you can’t go far wrong with a Waterpik flosser.     

Here’s Waterpik’s insta     

Equatech Ring light

Eid gift idea for her- home bargains ring light

The Equatech Home Bargains ring light has proved to be something of a cult hit and my video review of the ring light with its multi-lighting options has been one of my most popular yet. In fact, I’ve used the Ringlite to illuminate some of the photos in this Eid gift guide.        

So it would be remiss of me not to mention it as an option for an Eid gift. So if there is a blogger, vlogger, MUA or selfie enthusiast, this might be an option for them. I won’t go into lots of detail as I’ve already reviewed and it would be reinventing the wheel, however, should you like to know more check out my blog post on the Home Bargains ring light.  

This is Silk pillowcase 

This is silk pillowcase With a gold Asian scarf

For a touch of luxury that has practical value and added care, This is Silk is the perfect Eid gift idea for her.

Founder Sonal Keay has suffered with a lifelong sensitive skin condition and found that high quality silk was the only thing that would soothe it. Her children also suffered from severe eczema and she used silk to make a real difference to them.

Silk doesn’t absorb moisture and natural oils like cotton does, so your skin will quickly benefit from sleeping on silk. The amino acids in silk soothe skin and friction is reduced by more than 40% – all leading to soothed skin and sound sleep. However, this isn’t all. The 22 momme pure mulberry silk This is Silk pillowcase promises to be:

  • Anti-ageing
  • Anti-bedhead  
  • Anti sleep-crease
  • An eight-hour beauty treatment.  

I’ve been trialling the pillowcase and while it’s too short a time period to say I’m looking ten years younger, I’m sticking with it to invest in my self care. Ladies, aren’t we worth it?    

This is Silk Hairbands

As well as the pillowcase, I’ve reviewed the This is Silk hairbands, and they’ve been a bit of a game changer.   They don’t create kinks, and are less damaging to hair than standard elastic bands. I’ve also found that the hold is gentle, yet strong at the same time. This means I spending less time re-doing my ponytail, in fact I’ve not had to redo it at all. This leads to less touching of my hair and therefore less greasiness. It’s something I never even thought of, but given that my hair is in among ponytail 99.9% of the time, I am now attached my silk hairbands.

Here’s This is Silk’s insta

Moulins Mahjoub Organic Hannibal Gift Box

Mouhlins harissa jars and olive spread taken by baby

The Moulins Mahjoub Organic Hannibal Gift Box from the Artisanoliveoilcompany.co.uk. Let’s be honest, us ladies have had lots on our plate during this pandemic. Whether it’s homeschooling, attempting to work, or simply running the household including all the cooking and cleaning that comes with that, the last year has been A LOT.

That’s why, in the interests of addressing this balance, I’ve put the cooking-related gift details in the Eid gift ideas for him guide. However, this delectable Artisanal foodie gift isn’t one to miss so you can check it our here. You’re welcome.    

Meanwhile, here’s the Artisan Olive Oil company’s insta.

Wunder2 makeup 

Wunder2 foundation, lipstick and kabuki brush

One thing that has been a casualty of this pandemic is our own grooming. With non-essential shops closing, us ladies have had to go without hairdressers, eyebrow threading and buying makeup has been a chore. Choosing makeup online is fraught at the best of times, but factor in having brown Asian skin and a lifelong challenge to find the right foundation (yes it’s a sore spot and the subject of one of my earliest blog posts), and the struggle is real.

I have a debris of bad makeup purchases of old, and the biggest culprit? Foundation, of course. Foundation shades that are too white, too yellow, too ashy or simply wrong for my skin type plagued most of my twenties. Having spoke to others, I know this is an issue affecting many brown-skinned girls.   

Thankfully, there are some savvy brands out there that are taking the pain out of this ordeal.

WUNDER2, the brand behind the iconic WUNDERBROW, have launched their GO BEYOND FOUNDATION. It’s a simple and long-lasting complexion enhancing powder, in five adaptable shades.

Buying make-up in lockdown isn’t the easiest task. After all, how do we accurately colour match our skin to the hundreds of shades on offer? With the GO BEYOND FOUNDATION, it’s a lot easier.

As the range is made up of just five shades, you can select your match easily and quickly – whatever your skin colour or complexion – without having to worry about undertones or tiny nuances of shades.

I’ve been trialling the WUNDER2 GO BEYOND FOUNDATION in Medium. This was a total stab in the dark where I had guess my shade and cynically, I was expecting it to be wrong. However, the branding doesn’t lie. The shade is right, blends seamlessly and offers a light coverage, rather than a heavy foundation. It’s not one for full-on makeup where you’re trying to hide blemishes and the like, but is an everyday, wearable no makeup-makeup foundation, which is my go-to look.

I probably could have even gone one shade darker and it would have been fine, such is the adaptability of the GO BEYOND FOUNDATION. I’ll be doing a full review of WUNDER2 on halimabobs.com but I’m so impressed with the results that it made the cut on this Eid gift ideas for wife guide.

Here’s WUNDER2’s insta. 

Dcypher Foundation     

Dcypher Foundation bottle on top of a gold salwar kameez

For a more fuller coverage, again with the advantage of adaptability, Dcypher Foundation makes for another great cosmetic Eid gift idea for her. Dcypher creates a personalised made-for-you foundation based on some photos of you and some questions about what coverage you’d like and skin type you have.

I’ve trialled the Dcypher Foundation as well as shared a video review with my first impressions here, so you can see the results for yourself. It was good enough to make the cut for this guide, so if you’re looking for brown skin friendly lockdown beauty, this one is worth a look.  

For more foundation inspo from an exprt, you might want to see my top MUA recommendations.

Here’s Dcypher’s insta.

El Camino bracelet  

El Camino bracelet El Camino bracelets make great Eid gift ideas for wife

With the lengthy lockdown putting paid to most of our travel plans, holidays seem a distant memory now for most of us.  This is where El Camino Bracelets can help us reminisce. El Camino Bracelets is a travel bracelet company that allows you to collect the different places from around the world that you’ve travelled to and add them to your bracelet. Creating your travel story to be worn around your wrist.  The simple, gender-neutral bracelets come with high quality surgical-grade stainless steel clasps and you simply add steps, be that a destination, ocean, region or customisable step.       

The bracelets have been a very popular gift this past year, as people have been sending bracelets and steps to loved ones, remembering their past adventures. The people behind the brand say they’ve even had a few customers sending ‘promise’ El Caminos to loved ones of adventures they will be pursue once they’re able to travel again. 

Not only can you create your travel story but you can also customise beads to represent special dates or names, such as names, birthdates, or even mountains climbed.   

I received a bracelet to represent our favourite pre-kids holiday, when we visited Siem Reap, Bangkok, Phuket and Hong Kong.     

You can find out all about my adventures, including halal holiday food finds abroad in my travel section.            

The Secret Diary of a Bengali Bridezilla   


The Secret Diary of Bengali Bridezilla book cover

Can I be shamefully pluggy? It’s just that I do have another whole author gig beyond writing this blog. And my debut novel has won an International award. And it’s shortlisted for another. And people say the follow-up is even better. And the biggest AND of all, you can get signed copies of both The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage and The Secret Diary of a Bengali Bridezilla direct from my author site, as well as the usual places like Amazon, Waterstones and Bookshop.org. And did I mention I won an award?? Just saying.

Oh, go on then.  You can follow me on insta here.

Balmonds skincare for topical steroid withdrawal treatment

Balmonds skincare as an gift for Eid

Readers of this blog will know that I’ve long been a fan of Balmond’s skincare. The natural skincare brand first came to my attention when I discovered that my daughter, now three, suffered from eczema. The greasy prescription emollients just weren’t working for her, And I was going crazy looking for solutions to ease her itching. I won’t go into length on this post, as I’ve spoken about it a lot previously and you can see my post on the treatments I feel help Hannah’s skin. However, with topical steroid withdrawal being a particularly pertinent topic of late that is affecting many people, I felt that Belmonts deserve to mention and inclusion in this list. Not only other products are natural, they’re very effective and they have a range of treatments focused on different issues, from scalp oil to an intensive ointment.

The skincare is it just for eczema sufferers either. I’ve long been using their daily moisturising cream. So it really is a versatile gift. And giving the gift of good skin, well it doesn’t get better than that.

Full disclaimer, I’ve become an ambassador for Balmonds, which enables me to give my readers 20% off any of their products as a first-time purchase if they use my unique code, HALIMABOBS20. I hope by now you also know, that I will only be an ambassador for a product that I truly, truly, believe in.

Find out more about Balmonds here. 

Safiya’s Scentful Melts

Safiya’s Scentful melts

Another brilliant small business ran by a Muslim mum, Safiya’s Scentful Melts make for a gorgeous gift. Using only ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty free and high quality ingredients from reputable companies, all the products are CLP compliant.

I was sent a few melts and was blown away by the scent before I even melted them! I’ve tried Lavendar, chamomile and vanilla so far. Upon melting, it has a subtle sent that’s not overpowering. 

Another lovely thing is beyond the cute packaging and great fragrance, Safiya’s Scentful Melts is incredibly photogenic. One of the melts is even decorated with sparkly sequins. It’s an ideal Eid gift for her and for the home.   

Here’s the instagram handle.  

Have I missed anything in this Eid gift ideas for wife post?  What’s on your wishlist.  Let me know your suggestions in a comment below. 


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