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Halima Khatun’s The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage

The Secret Diary of Bengali Bridezilla book cover

I’ve written my entire life – both for a living and for pleasure – and my debut novel  – The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage came out in Feb 2020.  Dubbed the brown Bridget Jones, it’s received rave reviews as it challenges conceptions around the age-old tradition and modern day dating.

The premise of my book has been the subject of debate on the BBC Asian Network, has been featured on MyLondon news and Asian Life and has helped open a dialogue around race, identity and belonging.

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Also, The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage is free to read on Kindle Unlimited.  There’s currently a free 30-day trial too, so make the most of it!

Media coverage for The Secret diary of an Arranged Marriage:

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The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage in Asian Life The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage in the press

Reader reviews:

“This is a great book to read on transport or going on holidays. I finished mine in no time and laughed lots!  This is a genuine and light-hearted book; opening the door on the lives of many young South-Asian British in the UK.  We need more books that celebrate diversity and show that no matter how different we may seem to be, we all have the same needs, aspirations and hopes. We might just go slightly differently about it… and that’s the fun!”

“I was intrigued by the title ‘a secret diary of an arranged marriage’ as the blurb grabbed my attention almost immediately. I wanted to read this. This book is beautifully written from a perspective alien to many. The taboo subject of an arranged marriage is not widely spoken about and the audience is often under the misconception that its all doom and gloom and the unfortunate couple are haphazardly paired as absolute strangers… however the author cleverly demistifies all those pre-misconception straight away.”

“Written in a honest yet humorous style I could almost hear the authors voice talking directly to me as she discusses the pangs and pleasures of this daunting journey very akin to Bridget Jones woes.”

“I loved reading this book! Such an enjoyable read which was hilarious at some points but also really highlighted how arranged marriages are viewed from different perspectives, especially in western society. It’s hard to find a book that isn’t too ‘heavy’ but also covers important issues and makes you really empathise with the main character – I even shed a tear at one point! Highly recommend if you’re looking for a fun read but something a bit different from the usual chick-lit.”

“A different twist on the age old search for Mr Right… This book gave me many a chuckle as I followed Halima’s heroine through the trials and tribulations of matchmaking Bengali style, plus I gained a real insight into a different way of doing things, though in the end not so very different after all! Can’t wait to read the next one, get writing Halima!”