Eid gift ideas for him

Eid gift ideas for him

I feel like when it comes to Eid gift ideas, men are the poor cousins.  There are an abundance of Eid gift ideas for kids, Eid gift ideas for her, but not much in the way of what to get husband for Eid.

I’m righting this wrong.

Though I have to warn you, my Eid gift ideas for husband is much slimmer than my other guides for kids and her respectively. But hey, us women go through childbirth, we’ve held the fort around the household throughout this pandemic, so we damn well deserve some good presents.

So with that disclaimer out of the way, enjoy my lightly curated Eid gift ideas for husband guide:

Smart Screen tech cleaning cloths

Smart Screen, a business born out of lockdown ingenuity, launched a luxury collection of the world’s first antibacterial cleaning cloths designed to be used on high-end tech, phones and glasses – it comes complete with its’ own travel pouch!

I must confess, I have the grubbiest phone of all. Dust, finger marks and, honestly, mopped-up baby food remnants adorn my phone. Yeah, I’m gross. Little did I know the debris was also affecting the quality of my photos. See the proof below, the top pic is before wiping with the smart screen, the bottom is after a sweep with the antibacterial wipe. It speaks for itself.

you can get your wipes here.

Artisan oil selection

Mouhlins harissa jars and olive spread taken by baby

If he’s a foodie (or you’d like to make him one), how about a gift from the Artisan Olive Oil Company?

Everyone knows that a chef is only as good as his ingredients and these quality gift sets leave no room for error.

The Moulins Mahjoub Organic Hannibal Gift Box takes you on a journey through the Berber cuisine. It combines the early harvest first cold pressed chetoui organic extra virgin olive oil (250ml), the organic black olive spread (200g), the organic traditional harissa (185g), with a slightly smokey taste) and the organic sweet grilled pepper (185g).

The set itself is almost too pretty to open, making it a most photogenic Eid gift idea for him. However, in the interests of accurate reporting (it’s a tough gig) I’ve prized open the Olive Oil and harissa and smothered over some roast veg. Here’s a spoiler: it’s very, very good, and is the perfect Eid gift idea for husband.

Check them out here.

Akai A60011 Blue – Retro 60’s Premium Leather Style Suitcase Style Record Player

Functional, fun, and with the right sprinkle of nostalgia, this record player is not only a great Eid gift for husband, it’s something the whole family can enjoy.  Plus, it’ll look great in any lounge.  The pop of blue will brighten up any room. It’s practically furniture.

You can get similar record players on Amazon.

Personalised cufflinks with crystal detail

For the man who likes bling, these cuff links are a good shout. With a silver matter finish and adorned with crystals, these cufflinks can be adorned with your man’s initials for a lovely personal touch. 

With my husband’s initials, however, it read like MR. But it’s still better than using his full initials if MMR (as in the vaccine). What can you do?

Still, they’re a great idea for something a little personal this Eid.

For more Eid gift ideas from Getting Personal check out my gift guide for her and Eid gifts for kids.

Check out Getting Personal here.

Bluetooth Headphones

Another disclaimer, while hubby bought these headphones for himself to listen to the football while watching it on his phone, I’ve since staked a claim. I’m using them to dictate my third book.

So do yourself (and him) a favour, buy two pairs.

The reason I like these headphones is that unlike ear buds, they have a small wire joining them together, which can be worn discreetly behind your neck or in front. With the small wire, there’s much less chance of them getting lost, unlike those pesky earbuds.

Looking for personalised Eid gifts for him? How about this…

Oak and Rope personalised solid oak toast rack

If he’s a bread lover, a great gift idea for husband is a personalised toast rack. Oak and Rope offer absolutely gorgeous, chucky solid oak kitchen products (as well as some swings I’ve currently got my eye on).

This toast rack can be personalised with hubby’s name on the side and has big enough ridges for the thickest slices of bread. It’s a great personalised Eid gift for him.

Check out Oak and Rope company here.

Lavasso Jolie coffee machine with milk frother

For the coffee connoisseur, or a perfect Eid gift for your husband if he likes shiny gadgets.

The Lavasso Jolie is as pretty as it is functional, and makes for a great addition to your kitchen.  Not only does it look sleek, it’ll make barista-grade coffee. 

The Lavasso Jolie coffee maker is an investment piece, as it should save on coffee bills in the long run.


ChocFACE personalised chocolates are as thoughtful as they come. ChocFACE is another brand that could easily have ended up in the Eid gift ideas for her blog post.  In fact, it’s arguably more relevant there.  However as a love for chocolate is a universal thing, and I’m beginning to feel a bit sorry for the fellas as the Eid gift guides have been heavily skewed towards what to get for her or what to get for kids (I’ve explained my reasons why in the post and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s fair!), I’ve included ChocFACE here.

So what is ChocFACE? It’s simply brilliant.  The brand creates personalised chocolates with your photo. You upload seven photos when making your order, or you could have all the same pictures and you’re presented with seven chocolates in the prettiest of boxes. It makes for a great gift to surprise hubby with this Eid.  The gift isn’t only customisable with photos, you can also put a personal message on the front. 

But most important of all, are the chocolate any good?  Well put it this way, there is a white chocolate layer and a Belgian chocolate layer, so what do you think?

Check out ChocFACE here.

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