5 Lockdown-friendly activities for preschoolers

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Dreading lockdown with the kids this Christmas? These 5 Lockdown-friendly activities for preschoolers are for you.

As you may know, I have a daughter who started nursery in September.  However, it’s been a bumpy ride with Covid causing closures and an impending lockdown in the UK. In Manchester, at the time of writing, we’re in Tier 3 lockdown, lots of you are in tier 4.  And with Christmas cancelled, many are wondering what to do over the holidays.         

It can be tricky to find lockdown activities that both you and your preschool children can genuinely enjoy together when many of the more “normal” pursuits, like going to the cinema or meeting up with families of your children’s friends, are out of the question. 

However, thanks to the team behind MR Cricket Hockey, here are five fun things that can help to keep otherwise restless kids occupied without either you or them having to leave the family home.

5 Lockdown-friendly activities for preschoolers over the holidays

Creative writing

Hannah loves stories and is learning to write her name.  So creative writing will be on the itinerary over the Christmas holiday.    

Thanks to esteemed children’s authors like J K Rowling, your little ones probably don’t have to look far for inspiration if they fancy writing their own literary masterwork. If your child isn’t quite sure where to start, though, ask them to select a main character, a setting and a special object, like a magic key or treasure map.

Once your child has decided on those fundamentals, they can then flesh out the rest of the story – and perhaps even turn it into an e-book, using a suitable app like the free-to-download Book Creator.

Watching a documentary

Child psychology expert Dr Amanda Gummer tells the Daily Mail: “Documentaries such as The Blue Planet or Stargazing are great family viewing that can spark conversations and even family projects.”

You wouldn’t necessarily have to spend even a penny to screen them in your home, either – as many documentaries like these are available on streaming services that are free or, in the case of BBC iPlayer, you could already be paying for through the TV licence fee.

Competing in a family bake off

If your children tend to be picky eaters, perhaps the real problem is that they just haven’t been introduced to enough foods yet. In that case, you could set things right by holding regular family bake offs which each involve everyone in the family choosing a recipe and then, in teams, heading off to make the food.

Of course, each team should include at least one person old enough to supervise any preschool children who, in the group, will be baking to the brief.

In our house, we’ve been having ‘pizza offs’, which have gone down a treat!  For toddler and preschool-friendly recipes, check these out: 

For ten budget-friendly pantry staples to stock upon during lockdown, check out my article.   

Building a den

I’m conscious that my kids aren’t getting enough fresh air during lockdown.  Being British-Bengali, we already tend to lack vitamin D, so even winter sunlight is a must for brown skin.  If you’re in the same boat, this tip is for you.            

During lockdown, you might not be able to cover much physical distance with your kids. However, you can still go as far as the end of the garden, where you could all build a hideout together.    

You probably don’t have to look too far around the house for bits and bobs from which you could make the den – think sheets, chairs, blankets and cushions. Don’t worry if your home lacks a garden or the weather is too cold or wet anyway, as there’s nothing stopping you making the den indoors instead.

Playing cricket

Even when your kids’ outdoor fun is limited to the garden, it’s surprisingly easy to introduce them to the joys of cricket. The sports gear retailer MR Cricket Hockey stocks children’s mini cricket sets which you can order through the company’s website – with a stump, a bat and a ball all included in a set.

For tips on working from home when the kids are home, click here.

This article has been sponsored by MR Cricket Hockey.


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