Procativ Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel review

 Proactiv Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel works for oily skin
Proactiv Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel
Loyal readers of this blog will know that I have issues with my combination skin. My t-zone transforms to an oil slick whenever I apply foundation. Within a couple of hours, I’ve had a makeup meltdown. So it’s been my lifelong battle to find a product that can stop the shine, but so far, many have failed to step up to the challenge.
I always thought girls with dry skin were lucky. That’s until top make up artist Shafika told me that oily/combination skin is better than dry, as your skin is more youthful. Though this made me feel better, I still needed a solution to blot the shine.
I’ve tried Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Blotting Paper, Boots’ No 7’s Mattifying Makeup Base, and a host of others which I don’t care to remember.
More recently, my younger sister told me that she had learnt in her science class that Milk of Magnesia acts as a good primer for oily skin. I was a bit unsure as it’s an indigestion remedy, so I read up on this and found blogs praising its ability to stave off the shine. I began using it and I too found it to smooth out my skin and stop shine. I was so impressed that I was about to dedicate a whole blog post to it, before Shafika warned me off using chemicals on my skin that aren’t meant for skincare.
I researched further, and found Milk of Magnesia has incredibly strong alkaline properties, it’s just one PH factor below ammonia and two factors greater than bleach!!

See info taken from the following forum:

Some pH examples:

pH 1 battery acid – (acid extreme)
pH 1.5 -2 = Gastric (stomach) acid
pH 2.5 = Cola soft drinks
pH 2 = lemon juice
pH 3 = vinegar
ph = 3.5 Orange Juice
pH 4.6-5.5 = healthy skin
pH 5.5 = rain, (pure water, when exposed to the atmosphere, will take in carbon dioxide, changing its pH)
pH 6.5 = milk
pH 6.5 – 7.4 = Healthy Saliva
pH 7 = pure distilled water – (this is Neutral pH, neither acid or base)[/color]
pH 7.35 – 7.45 = human blood
pH 8.5 = baking soda
pH 9 = Sea Water
pH 9.0-10.0 = Hand Soap, detergents
pH 10.5 = Milk of Magnesia
pH 11.5 = household ammonia
pH 12.5 = household bleach
pH 13 = lye (sodium hydroxide, or Draino)(Alkaline or Base extreme)
After reading this, I’ve decided to put Milk of Magnesia away for now. Maybe I’ll use it for when I actually do have indigestion.

Proactiv sheer finish magnifying gel review

Anyway, I’ve found a fantastic happy medium in the shape of Procativ Sheer Finish Mattifying Gel. I’ve seen all the adverts with Katy Perry and thought it was just another spot-fighting brand.
I pop on just a blob of the white solution a couple of minutes after applying my moisturiser and before foundation and hey presto, it does the job!
So I would suggest that if you have oily/combination skin and want a sheer finish, give Proactiv’s Sheer Finish Gel a try.

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