Bio-Oil for brown skin and blemishes – A review

December 4, 2020

This post was updated on 4 December 2020 to incorporate the views of other brown skinned girls who have used Bio Oil to offer a more balanced review.

So I reported how I was taking action on blemishes by investing in BioOil, (Rocking the BioOil).
This was spurred on by a glowing recommendation, not to mention its claim to be the answer to uneven skin tone, marks, stretch marks and the like (I’m sure you’ve all seen / heard the marketing spiel). I wanted to know what effect BioOil would have on brown skin girl problems like pigmentation, acne scars and dry skin.
When asian brown skin gets pimples, the blemishes turn to dark spots. It’s a common problem and I’m yet to see a solution. I was hoping BioOil would do the trick.
Well I am disappointed to say that, after patiently embalming my face for three months, the results are not great. Yes, there has been a little improvement, and any blemishes are on their way out, however, I think this is mainly attributed to time and a little help from my trusty – yet fierce – backup, tea tree oil.
I am coming towards the end of my bottle, and to be honest, I am now just using it lightly on my face, hands and elbows to finish it off.
Dr PAWPAW peach pink tinted balm as a highlighter for brown skin


So BioOil didn’t cut the mustard for me. However, here’s the opinions of some other brown-skinned girls on how BioOil worked for them.

Bio-Oil for scars on brown skin

Makeup artist Amena, says:

“I have tried BioOil and it has worked fairly well on scars I’ve had from a burn.
It was a big burn mark on my arm – prob 4-5 months ago, it’s really faded. It’s not fully gone but I didn’t expect it to.
I would have a bath 1-2 times a week (obv shower other days lol) and put a couple of drops in the water. At the beginning, I’d massage BioOil on my skin everyday. Towards then end just a few times a week.”

Bio-Oil for eczema and dry skin in Asian women

Nasima says:

“I used BioOil to reduce my eczema scars. It didn’t do anything for the scarring and it wasn’t very moisturising either. It felt a lot thinner than other oils like olive oil. So I’m afraid it’s a thumbs down for me.”

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