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February 1, 2011
Whoever says spots are the reserve of teenagers is a vicious, vicious liar.  School and college was spot and blemish free, and then a fatal facial (I didn’t follow it through every 4-6 weeks as advised), introduced me to pimples, and worse, the blemishes which last forever.  I’m not sure whether it is just Asian skin which suffers blemishes, but they by far are much worse than the spots themselves, which stick around for just a few days.
I often get told it’s all in the mind, i.e. that other people don’t notice your unfortunate breakout until you point it out to them.  I do often find this to be the case at work, either that or people are just incredibly polite and would rather lie point blank than say, ‘oh actually yes, I had noticed that spot on your cheek.’

bio-oil review: Upping the ante


Anyway, after a recent, random spot-attack (I had been enjoying a long spell of clear skin) I decided now is the time to take action. Upon recommendation, I’m now trying Bio-Oil, which is apparently legendary for stretch marks, but also helps marks (which is essentially what blemishes are).  They recommend using it for three months.  I’m just in month one and very impatient about it.  However, I think there has been some improvement, though nothing to post a picture about.
Hopefully by month three I shall boast a glowing even skin tone.  So keep your eyes peeled for my bio-oil review coming soon!

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