Mustela Hydra Bebe body lotion – saving my baby’s skin

February 3, 2018

So I never quite thought I’d say this… but there is a moisturiser that has trumped my beloved coconut oil. A least for my baby’s skin.

Before Hannah was born, I was told to stick to natural oils as a moisturiser. And the general rule was, anything you could eat, could go on her delicate skin.

For me, it was a no-brainer to use coconut oil on Hannah’s body. I swear by it for my skin and hair (you can read my articles about it here) so figured it would be best for her. Plus I was advised by midwives that olive oil – which was previously the recommended oil – could actually lead to eczema.

Anyway, coconut oil has worked a treat for Hannah’s lovely little face. However, I found that her legs and arms appeared dry. I just assumed it was her baby skin adjusting to the elements. I even considered that she may be sensitive to some of her baby grows, as it seemed that her arms and legs bore the brunt.

So it was only when a nurse – when administering her jabs – commented on Hannahs dryness and suggested a GP appointment, I knew I had to graduate Hannah from coconut oil and use a cream.

I didn’t want to use Johnson’s (too many added nasties), and I wasn’t keen on going onto E45, the eczema/dry skin cream.

Mustela Hydra Bebe body lotion – a revelation

Mustela Hydra Bebe body lotion with baby toys!

However, just before Hannah was born, a brand called Mustela reached out to me with their skincare range designed just for baby-delicate skin.

I was reluctant at first as I didn’t want to really try any old skincare products on Hannah (though I’m more than happy to be a guinea pig myself).

However, their products are highly reknowned in France (according to my French friend). Plus they boosted some impressive testing results, including being suitable for babies in neo-natal care. Yet I was still in my coconut oil funk, so while I tried out Mustela’s lovely shampoo on Hannah’s hair, their Hydra Bebe body lotion remained untouched for months.

Until now. The caution of dryness and fear of eczema made me dust off the lotion and use it on Hannah’s legs. And I kid you not, I noticed an instant change after two applications in 24 hours. The health visitor was so impressed when she saw Hannah’s legs that she asked me what I’d been using.

The dry patches had gone, and her skin tone and texture had improved. It’s effects were so rapid, that I kind of kicked myself for not using it earlier and stubbornly sticking to au natural oil.

Clearly Mustela isn’t as well known in the UK as the likes of Johnson’s. Plus it’s not stocked in all shops. But it’s bloody brilliant.

So if you have a bubba with dry skin, give Mustela a look. It worked wonders for me.

You can purchase Mustela Hydra Bebe body lotion from Amazon.


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