Hilton hotel Reykjavik Iceland, review

April 4, 2014


Scandanavian log-cabin style rooms at the Hilton Hotel in Rejkjavic
Scandinavian simplicity at the Hilton, Iceland


The sleek finish bathroom at the Hilton Reykjavic in Iceland
Now, there are Hilton hotels dotted around the world, so you may wonder why it’s worthy of a review. However, as a general overview of all things Iceland, I thought it worth reviewing where we stayed during out trip – the Hilton hotel Reykjavik.
The Hilton hotel is pretty well located in Reykjavik as it’s about a 20 minute walk from the city centre. So shops, restaurants, and many of the city’s heights such as the museum and church were within easy distance.
The hotel also offered a free bus pass which takes you from the hotel to the edge of the city centre, which is handy on a lazy day.
Another advantage of the Hilton is that we were so close to the sea. Upon arrival, we were told we were upgraded to a room with a sea view. However, with several roads before, we couldn’t really call it a bay front room.
However, we were about 10 minutes walk from the seafront itself, where the views were amazing.
The view of the sea, from the shore in Reykjavic
The stunning seafront, a short walk from The Hilton

Scandanavian touches at the Hilton hotel Reykjavik

The room itself was pretty standard Hilton. The decor was wooden, slightly clinical and very Icelandic. I’ve stayed at other Hilton hotels – such as the one in the west end of Glasgow – where the decor is decadent and grand. But less is definitely more in the Nordic Hilton.
Despite our upgrade, I noticed the lack of dressing gowns and slippers, but apart from that all other standard amenities were present.
A row of sweet jars
Complimentary sweet treats at the hotel
While we mainly ate out during out stay in Reykjavik, we did have breakfast at the Hilton.

Breakfast at the Hilton Reykjavik

The breakfast buffet has everything you’d expect from a buffet anywhere in the world – eggs, cereal, cheese, and toast – as well as some nice regional delicacies.
I was particularly keen on their salmon – of course an Icelandic buffet needed some seafood! While it was also nice to try their Skyr – a thick, creamy local yoghurt. Their dill and sautéed potatoes was also a nice change from traditional hash browns.
Of course, we got our fill, which meant that we could skip lunch in favour of an early dinner.
The buffet was an add on during our stay, and at £16 each, it wasn’t cheap. But it’s worth investing in if you have a long day of sightseeing ahead if you, as we did.
Apart from the buffet, we also ordered fries on room service. Their skin on fries were delicious, and one portion was plenty for two. We obviously didn’t know this and ordered a portion each. Oopsy! The chips were better value – at about £2.50 each, making it a good lunch or late night treat.
A bowl of skin-on chips with a silver lid
Skin on chips – too much for one person
Another point to make about the Hilton is that it’s very well places for excursions as most of the main your operators stop off at the hotel for pickup. Guests at other, smaller hotels off the beaten track had to congregate at a bus stop for collection.
So overall, I’d recommend the Hilton in Reykjavik for its location, and convenience. Oh, and for it’s skin on chips.

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