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April 20, 2017

So unlike most people who vacation in the summer, we had our first big holiday of 2016 right at the end of the year.  And in true throwback fashion, I’m reviewing one of the hotels we stayed at now.

So after going through a few destination options – Japan, India, and an African safari, we decided to opt for Bali. We figured Japan would be less than tropical in winter, India may be a bother when it comes to getting visas, and we were told Nairobi, a place for African safaris, had issues around safety.

Squeezing in a city break

As we were travelling to Bali (you can see my review of Ubud and Seminyak by clicking the links), we figured it would be a shame not to see more of the country, and squeeze in something of a mini-break. You see, whilst most people might find two full weeks on a tropical island bliss on earth, hubby and I have an issue – we get bored. Very easily. So two weeks of sun and not much else wasn’t quite so appealing.

So after deciding on our destination, we needed a crash pad for our first leg of the tour, which is one night in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta.

After browsing, we decided to opt for the Park Lane Jakarta hotel, a five star hotel conveniently located near the 88 mall.

As we were only staying one night before heading out to Bali, we wanted something easy and well located, without breaking the bank.

On a previous trip to Thailand, we’d stayed at the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, but as it was a stopover, we didn’t really get to appreciate the hotel in all its splendour. After all, if you’re staying somewhere schmansy, you damn well want to make the best of it and be there most of the day!

So while Park Lane Jakarta certainly wasn’t a budget hotel, at an average cost of £80 a night, it was perfect for our short stay.

Park Lane Jakarta hotel – first iimpressions

Upon arrival, we had the usual treatment so common in Asian hospitality – staff waiting as you leave the cab, and a bell boy to take your luggage.

The hotel also had breath-taking décor. I was blown away by the grand foyer, and its beautiful stairs.

It’s also worth mentioning that Jakarta is very security conscious, with its scanners and handbag checks required before you enter. This wasn’t a bad thing though, as it added an extra reassurance, particularly for a somewhat nervous traveller like me.

Once we got into our room, the bell boy arrived with our suitcases and gave us a mini tour of the facilities of our room, including the mini-bar, which was stocked with complimentary soft drinks and water, which was a nice touch.

As a predominantly Muslim country, we were also asked if we were Muslim and whether we’d require a prayer mat. Again it was a really nice additional service and showed extra care and attention.

Being located in the business district, the Park Lane Jakarta hotel had a somewhat cosmopolitan feel, with many international travellers.

All the mod cons

Park Lane Jakarta hotel

So apart from the free mini bar, the room boasted a giant bed, and old imperial style decor.

The hotel also boasted a gym – which we didn’t get round to trying- and a pool, which we did dive into. It was a total bonus that we had the pool to ourselves, so I could practice my treading water with dignity.

The pool also had a pretty decent depth, 1.50m at the deepest and 1.35m at the shallow end.

Breakfast – my favourite part

Anyone who reads my travel articles know that breakfast is my complete fave part of any hotel stay. I am always beyond excited to get my fill at the breakfast buffet before starting the day. I especially like the opportunity to try regional delicacies from the country I’m staying in.

And the Park Lane Jakarta Hotel didn’t disappoint. Breakfast consisted of Japanese, Indian and Indonesian cuisine, as well as the traditional full English and continental breakfast.

There was the usual egg station, but they also had a section for grilling cuts of meat to your taste, which I obviously couldn’t resist trying. I opted for beef and chicken on two different mornings, and loved both.

Also, to fulfil my inquisitive palette, I made the most of the miso soup and rice dishes available.

Now honesty time, in my greediness, I even had ice cream for breakfast. Mainly because it was there. After all, why would they have ice cream at a breakfast buffet if they didn’t expect anyone to eat it??

Still on the food front, it was totally helpful that the hotel was just a short walk from a big mall, which had an amazing food hall with eastern and western cuisine, plus everything in between. It was great having food options we could walk to, rather than having to catch cabs everywhere or being hostage to the hotel dining.

So overall it was a thumbs up for the Park Lane Jakarta Hotel. It is convenient and comfortable, and well located, without compromising on that five star feel.

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