Pros and cons of Airbnb 

August 1, 2018

We recently had our first Airbnb experience as a family when we holidayed in Corsica (you can read my things to do here). We decided against a hotel, our usual choice of accommodation, so I wanted to share my very honest thoughts on Airbnb.

So here are my pros and cons of Airbnb

Pros of Airbnb –

You can get a full apartment rather than just a hotel room.

We got a three-bedroom apartment with a sprawling balcony with a view (see above) during our stay in Corsica.

This proved to be hugely convenient with a baby. Rather than being confined to a hotel room with only a bed to sit on, Hannah got to crawl around the entire flat and explore the different nooks and crannies.

Having an apartment made things much more comfortable and we were happy to chill indoors. This was ideal as we spent less time exploring and more time holed up managing Hannah’s naps. If you’re going for a city break where you’ll be out and about all day, you might not need such a big space. But if you’re having an easy-going trip where you’ll sometimes order food in, Airbnb might be the option for you.

It’s pretty affordable

With Airbnb, you can get an apartment for the same price you’d pay for a hotel room.

This is great if you’re travelling with a group and you don’t want to blow all your money on accommodation.

We spent around £100 per night on our apartment. It would have been much more expensive to get a similar sized hotel suite.

There’s a homely feel

With Airbnb, you are literally staying in somebody’s house. So you can expect more character and less clinical polish than a hotel.

The place we stayed at had pictures of the island, an abundance of cushions and homely decor. It felt like we were at a friends’ apartment (albeit a clean one with less sh*t everywhere).

You get all the basics

In line with the homely feel, with Airbnb you often have all the basics in place. So our kitchen was stocked with cutlery, crockery, tea towels and even washing up liquid which made it easy to feel at home.

With Hannah’s early bedtime, we often found ourselves eating in, and we even had oven food. So having everything to hand really helped with this. However no two Airbnbs are the same so this can also be not so good as you’ll see in my cons below.


Cons of Airbnb

No room service

So getting an apartment with Airbnb means you have to shift for yourself. There’s no concierge, you can’t order room service, and there’s nobody to come and help you if the WiFi or TV isn’t working. Of course you can email the host with any queries, but you can’t expect them to come rushing over. This also leads me to another con…

You need to do your own cleaning

One of the things I love about going on holiday is the break from the daily chores of tidying and washing up. But with Airbnb, you get hit with reality as all the washing is on you! You come to a clean flat, but every coffee cup, plate, knife and fork you use will be waiting for you to be cleaned.

There ain’t no housekeeper to come and do it for you in the morning. As we had breakfast at the apartment daily, and cooked our own food a few times, we accrued many a dirty dish. Of course if you have every meal outside this won’t be a problem for you. But the whole point of having a full apartment with kitchen is that you’ll use the facilities.

Breakfast is rarely provided

Most apartments don’t offer breakfast. If you’ve read my previous hotel reviews, you’ll see that a big gluttonous breakfast is my favourite part of any holiday.

My fatty self is accustomed to having the breakfast of queens, see below…

Breakfast at Serri Villas Seminyak

Breakfast at Ayung resort Bali

Instead we had porridge. Every. Single. Morning.

Standard amenities vary wildly

While hotels can vary in their level of service and facilities, the basics are usually in place. But with Airbnb, it really is a mixed bag.

We naively forgot to search for an apartment with air con. Needless to say our apartment didn’t have air con. Instead there was just one fan in the entire apartment. The fan wasn’t very efficient at that. We melted.

Also, as it is an apartment, there was an eclectic mix of cutlery. It’s not a huge deal, but you know what you’re getting with a hotel apartment.

Bugs aren’t as manageable in Airbnb homes

Hubby and I have stayed in many a tropical, insect-ridden destination.

We honeymooned in a forest chalet in Langkawi, where monkeys attempted to enter our room at night (you can read about that here). We’ve stayed at a villa in Bali during rainy season. Heck we even slept in a tent in the middle of the Sahara desert.

However, we have never been bitten so rabidly by mosquitoes as we did in Corsica. And quite simply, this is down to the maintenance. Hotels, resorts, villas and the like are sh*t hot at keeping bugs at bay. Rooms are cleaned and sprayed rigorously.

Most Airbnb places, which are privately run by individuals, are not as de-bugged.

So would I stay at an Airbnb apartment again?

Honestly, I’m not totally against Airbnb as there are some real advantages. If I was travelling in a group or with family for a weekend break, it’s a useful option. But I would totally read the small print more carefully to know exactly what I’d be getting.

Any longer than a weekend, the washing up and lack of breakfast would be annoying.

So FYI, our next holiday will be in a resort, where I can eat loads, be sloth-like and lay under the air con to my hearts content.

What are your thoughts on Airbnb? Let me know in a comment below…


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