Kaya Palazzo Belek, Antalya, review

November 18, 2018

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So after our trip to Corsica – which wasn’t exactly baby friendly (read about it here) – we decided that a resort in Antalya would be the way to go. And boy, were we right!

Here’s my review of the Kaya Palazzo Belek resort in Antalya, where I share the good and not-so-good about our stay.

Resorts – the accommodation of choice with a baby

Before I launch into the review, here’s why a resort beats a hotel when it comes to holidaying with a baby:

No-hassle nap time

Hannah doesn’t nap in the car or pram, which meant that going out was a logistical nightmare when we were in Corsica. Nothing was nearby, so we could never just pop out to see a sight or grab some food. Some days we didn’t leave the apartment until after 3pm, as we had to get Hannah’s naps out of the way.

With a resort, everything is on your doorstep, which means naptime is no problem. You can easily dip in and out of the pool, the beach, the restaurants the playground… everything is within easy walking distance.

Weaning made easy

When staying all-inclusive, food isn’t an issue. The Kaya Palazzo Belek Antalya had a huge kids’ section which included salt-free, low sugar meals and organic baby food.  Even resorts that don’t have such an extensive baby food range still have food aplenty to make things a lot easier. Not having to worry about food – for mum and baby – is one of the main things that is a huge plus for me.

Entertainment within easy reach

Can you see a theme here? Okay, so resorts might not be the most adventurous of stays, but when you’ve got a baby, it’s all about the convenience. Having a beach, kids club, shops, tennis court and shows all in one place is a parent’s dream. Forget driving miles to look at one monument. With a resort, you barely need to leave your suite.

The Kaya Palazzo Belek Antalya, review- luxury for a week

Poolside snack shack

Poolside room at Kaya Palazzo Belek

I have yet to be disappointed by the grandeur of a resort. From the Game of Thrones-style Sirayane Hotel in Marrakech, the pristine white Avista Hideaway in Phuket,  to the marble extravaganza that was the Ayung resort in Bali, resorts give luxury a whole new meaning.

And the Kaya Palazzo Belek didn’t disappoint. A series of pools encased by a round, Coliseum-style structure, it’s an instagrammers dream.

A bridge over a pool

Inside, the main lobby has a shining veneer, glass lifts and most importantly, a well-stocked table of lollipops, Turkish delight and chocolates at the entrance.

The resort has a vast golf course (which thankfully hubby didn’t get round to using), it’s own beach, vast pools, and an indoor pool/gym and spa area.

Sadly going in October meant the outdoor pool was too cold to use. One suggestion would be that the Kaya Palazzo Belek heats up at least one pool during the colder months so it’s a bit usable.

Perfect for kids

The resort is super baby/kid friendly. There’s a children’s play area, kids club (read: free babysitting for over 3’s), children’s water park as well as copious amounts of ice-cream and sweets. Thinking about it, it’s good that Hannah was too small to appreciate all the sweets on offer because she would’ve gone mental.

They even provided baby-friendly mineral water (aptly called Hayat – Hannah’s middle name).

Food at the Kaya Palazzo Belek

rows of dessert at a buffet

Turkish breakfast of sujuk, egg and roast veg

The main restaurant served a huge variety of food from Turkish (obvs), to steak and seafood. I think there was a guy actually cutting raw sushi out from a fish for diners. Each night there was also a different delicacy in the fine dining stand, from soft-shell crab to steak tartare.

However, with Hannah having just learnt to walk, she wasn’t remotely interested in sitting to eat! This meant we didn’t get to sample as much of the offering as we would have liked. One suggestion would be to have a playpen area in the restaurant near the kids corner for little ones who have finished their dinner or don’t want to eat, so parents can enjoy their meal whilst keeping an eye on their tots.

Downside– despite the vast variety, it all started to get a bit same-y towards the end.

Another downside– only the main restaurant is free of charge and requires no reservation. Another restaurant that offers steak and fish, is available for guests to dine at one during their stay, and reservation is required. As it’s an outdoor restaurant, it was closed while we were there so we didn’t get to try it.

The other restaurants which offered Italian, Asian and Lebanese cuisine, cost €20 per person. This goes against my very being, given that we were paying a premium to stay all-inclusive.

But it wasn’t like we weren’t well fed. There was food literally everywhere, with branded ice-cream (Cornetto and Magnum no less), fast food kiosks, and fruit on tap at every corner.

Our Room at the Kaya Palazzo Belek

Bedroom suite

We went for the sea view suite. It had a double bedroom with an adjoining living room. This was ideal as hubby and I could catch up on Making a Murderer in the living room, while Hannah slept in the bedroom.

As the name suggests, we had a sea view, with a pretty impressive view of the entire resort to boot.

Our suite had two bathrooms with two showers and a bath with a hydro massage (and yes I managed to use it. Once).

The resort is a little on the pricier side. Our room cost around £250 per night. But for me it was well worth it. Our room was huge and luxurious, there was plenty of food and Hannah was happy. Forget happy wife, happy life. Happy baby, happy mummy.


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