Marina Bay Sands Hotel review, Singapore

February 15, 2014
The view of Marina Bay Sands Hotel
The Marina Bay Sands
Now this is one hotel I just had to write about!  I stayed at the Marina Bay Sands hotel Singapore whilst on honeymoon.  So I thought it would be useful to share my thoughts if you’re planning a trip to Singapore and wondering where to stay.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel review – seeing is believing

Not only was the Marina Bay Sands hotel stunning, it had an extra surprise that made it a truly unforgettable experience.
The Marina Bay Sands hotel is attached to a shopping plaza in the centre of Singapore.  It was a great crash pad for our trip to the small, but perfectly-formed city state. You could get about most places on foot.  In fact, Marina Bay Sands itself was attached to a large indoor shopping centre with a vast choice of restaurants and bars, so you weren’t held captive in the hotel.
Also, as its name suggests, Marina Bay Sands hotel sits on Singapore’s unique bay front, which every so often had a light show, which I captured here
Excuse my oohs and aahs during the recording, I was pretty astounded!
The water and light show on the marina in Singapore
The bay front light show

Sights near the Marina Bay Sands hotel

Not only are the botanical gardens a stones-throw away, the Marina Bay Sands hotel has the most amazing views of the Singapore skyline. I have to admit, does put London’s skyline in the shade.  Also, at 57-storey’s high, you were pretty much guaranteed to get a room with a view.
The view from Marina Bay Sands, Singapore
A room with a view at Marina Bay Sands
The hotel itself boasted the most innovative architecture I had seen.  Three tower blocks, with a ship ‘anchored’ across them all.  Photo opps galore.
The lobby area is a vast space which has a unique sculpture suspended from the ceiling.  I thought it
looked like a hairball, but it was arresting nonetheless.
A bed adorned with swans made from hotel towels scattered with rose petals
A far eastern classic – romantic intertwined swans
A glass tray of chocolate covered strawberries
The bedroom again was spacious, with a chaise lounge as well as king sized bed.  We were well looked after at the hotel.
As it was our honeymoon, we were treated to the romantic ‘swan’ towels covered in rose petals, and we had chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to our door.  Room service was swift, and the hotel was large enough for us to feel like we had our privacy.

The Marina Bay Sands hotel review – the infinity pool steals the show

But this is all irrelevant when I tell you about the real surprise…  Marina Bay Sands had a Skypark on the 57th floor, which included an observation deck, Jacuzzi, restaurant and bar, and my most favourite part of all – an infinity pool.
Poolside at night at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore
The Singapore skyline view from the 57th floor infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands
The Marina Bay Sands’ famous infinity pool
The Skypark at Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore
The Skypark at Marina Bay Sands

The infinity pool is breath-taking as the pool goes to the very edge of the rooftop, so you are literally swimming towards the skyline.  We almost overlooked the pool, in favour of a late night zoo trip, until we say people going to the lift wearing dressing gowns, and decided to follow them.
This was by far the best decision of our trip, as it was an amazing experience enjoying the pool and views of Singapore’s unrivalled skyline.  It’s by far one of the best perks of the hotel. It is especially amazing at night time, when the bright lights of the city really do create an amazing atmosphere.  Also, as the temperature cooled at night-time, the warm infinity pool, and hot Jacuzzi, made for a great chill out.
There are a few more hotel choices we explored for our trip, such as the Fullerton, which is all glitz and glam with a price to match.  But for location, experience and that crazy-cool infinity pool, I’m glad we opted for the Marina Bay Sands hotel.  It made for a trip I’ll never forget.

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