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October 2, 2021

no one ever asks mum free ebookThis article was first published on August 10th 2020 but has since been updated with the new cover and more shop links and my ebooks are now available in all online stores.

If you’re a fan of British women’s fiction authors, stories from women of colour and strong women in fiction in general, then this is one for you!

As a reader of my little HalimaBobs blog, I wanted to share something with you… my free short story!

The story – entitled No One Ever Asks Mum – is from the perspective of the mother in my debut novel The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage. The story – which falls into the women’s commercial fiction genre – is standalone, so you don’t need to have read the book for it to make sense.

Best of all, my free short story ebook is available to download from everywhere (Amazon, Kobo, Google Play, Apple Books) including my own store.  You can find all the links here!  

I don’t want to throw any spoilers but I hope that No One Ever Asks Mum offers a different perspective to other literature you may have come across.

We don’t just need strong women in fiction, we need strong women in fiction that are also women of colour

My story doesn’t just portray a woman of colour, but a woman of colour that’s a first-generation immigrant whose first language isn’t English. It also shares another perspective on arranged marriages, as most literature, including my debut, focusses on the girl who’s going through the process.

The story is free to download, and I hope it provides some entertainment. It’s a bit more emotional than The Secret Diary of an Arranged Marriage, but I’ve peppered in some humour to balance things out.

Get No One Ever Asks Mum, my latest piece of British Commercial women’s fiction, here.


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