Kalme Chameleon concealer review

February 6, 2019

Since Hannah’s been born, I’ve worn foundation about three times. My usual go-to slap is a slick of lippy and blush (even my trusty eyeliner’s been put into semi-retirement). Oh, and the blush? I apply it haphazardly with my fingertips.

But as mentioned in my previous post, I’m trying to dust off a bit of the old me, and not be defined as a sleep-deprived mummy (though I am).

Truth be told, I’ve never been a daily foundation wearer, but I always liked some coverage. Whether it was Temple Spa’s luminous Look on the Bright Side, or a dab of Maybelline’s Fit Me foundation, I liked to have a base of some sorts to even out my skin tone.

And after being introduced to Kalme Chameleon concealer, I’ve found the ideal go-to for quick coverage.  Formulated to help reduce redness and even out skin tone, it’s description doesn’t do it justice.

Kalme Chameleon reen oncealer

The concealer, which is a green liquid before blending in, works with ANY skin tone, so it means I don’t suffer the foundation fails of old. And being generally time-poor and a bit lazy, I apply this ALL OVER MY FACE, and it works. It brightens, smooth’s and gives the illusion of foundation.

Kalme Chameleon Concealer review – before and after results

And here’s the proof. Exhibit A is me before Kalme concealer. While exhibit B is a renewed me after applying Kalme Chameleon followed by some blush.

Oh, and I don’t need a brush or blender to apply. Now that’s a mum win.

Exhibit A –

HalimaBobs without makeup

Exhibit B –

HalimaBobs wearing natural makeup


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