Introducing: new mum makeup and hair

January 28, 2019

Yep, I’ll be doing new mum makeup and hair tutorials, tips and looks.

No, I don’t mean mum makeup as a negative derogatory term, as in ‘frumpy mum makeup’. Nor do I mean it to be ironically cool, like mum jeans.

I mean mum makeup as in makeup for mums (especially new mums), that is easy, straight forward and hassle free. So you’re ready and presentable in 10 minutes, even if it takes you another 45 minutes to actually get out of the door with a baby in tow.

That’s right ladies, I’m going to be sharing makeup, skincare and hair ideas and tips for the busy mum. In fact the busy girl in general. So if you don’t have hours to perfect the no-makeup-makeup look, or take a million selfies before selecting the best one to share socially, this is for you.

And here’s why mum makeup matters…   

HalimaBobs wearing makeup

When I became a mum, along with the deep joy and love, I lost a bit of myself.

As I detailed in the Huffington Post, I was so obsessed with my bundle that I couldn’t see anything – or anyone – beyond Hannah. And that included myself.

I’d go out in the cold making sure Hannah’s layered up like an onion, and forget my own coat.

I’d coordinate Hannah’s outfit but wouldn’t even brush my own hair. And my usual essential – eyeliner? Forget it. Putting cream on before leaving the house was a miracle.

And I’m not alone.

Losing a sense of self is a huge issue for new mums which nobody tells you about before becoming a parent.

Going from being a career woman with my own consultancy and running a successful blog, to spending 24 hours around a baby is a huge change.

And society kind of pigeon-holes you too.

In my new social circle – namely playgroups, children’s centres, and the GP surgery, I’m often known as ‘Hannah’s mum’.

Heck, even my group of mum friends knew all the babies names before we knew each other’s.

Even as a beauty blogger, after having Hannah I began being offered baby products as beauty products for review (Sudocrem for dry skin, I’m not even joking).

That’s why it’s so easy for mum’s to essentially fall into the shadows of society (a bit dramatic, I know).

You’ve left your work. Your life is consumed by a baby, and you have no time for yourself.

And I’m guilty of pigeon-joking myself, too. Just looking at my blog, I write way more about mum stuff that I do about beauty and makeup. However, it was half-baked makeup that got HalimaBobs started in the first place.

It’s not my intention to become a fully-fledged mum blogger. It’s just how things have organically shifted.

Poolside room at Kaya Palazzo Belek

But here’s the thing… yes I’m a mum, but I’m still me.

Hannah’s now a toddler, and I think it’s time to introduce her to the mum formerly known as Halima.

And one small way of doing this is by incorporating bits of the old me, which is why I’m doing mum makeup. And in truth, mum makeup isn’t that much different from my usual makeup.

When I started blogging (way back in 2011), it was all pretty amateur stuff. Now? Everyone’s a f***ing makeup artist. Tutorials require an arsenal of products and photos are filtered to death.

I’ve never subscribed to this. Check out my ‘just me’ section and you’ll see what I mean.

So if you can’t be arsed with overly-long beauty stuff either, and just want simple tips and honest reviews, keep on reading. I’m your gal.

Looks will be short and sweet. I’ll be sharing plenty of quick fix products and makeup hacks.

You’ll love this if you’re: 

A) a mum


B) just busy living your best life and don’t have time to faff around.

So keep your eyes peeled. And you can see more of the same on my Insta.


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I’m a British-Bengali Muslim mum-of-two. My pictures aren’t filtered and neither are my words. I’m not a makeup artist, chef or lifestyle guru. I’m just me, sharing honest beauty reviews for brown skin, halal restaurant finds, travel inspo, mum life hacks, easy Bengali recipes and more. If that’s your bag, keep reading!

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