Maybelline Fit Me review – my new go-to shade

Now, this summer has not been kind to me. Heatwaves are not my favourite thing, and while most of us Brits do moan about the weather, I have been actively praying for rain.

And the thought of layering makeup on such warm days filled me with dread. Particularly foundation, which seems to just seep into my pores. If I can get away with it, I stick with light coverage tinted moisturizers.

However my cousin recently introduced me to Maybelline Fit Me, which has proved to be a gamechanger. The biggest surprise for me is the fact that it’s Maybelline, as I have always assumed that their shades wouldn’t work for me.

Throughout my teenage years, I scoured the high street looking for a shade of foundation to suit me. From Max Factor to Revlon, to Boots No7, I never had success. The shades were pink-based, leaving me looking ashy.

Then came Mac and Bobbi Brown, and everything changed. Suddenly, us Asian girls were catered for. The yellow bases were much more flattering, as we didn’t have to resort to caramel-dark shades.

However since my early makeup years, I haven’t veered back to the budget brands. Well, apart from the odd dalliance with Body Shop. It’s not that I’m a brand snob. I’m anything but. I just assumed I’d have to pay over £10 for my foundation.

Maybelline Fit Me review – a dark horse

Maybelline Fit Me foundation tube

So Maybelline Fit Me was a total surprise. My cousin, who does her own makeup beautifully, said it’s on a par with her much pricier Charlotte Tilbury foundation.

Maybelline Fit Me is around £7. It glides on like a dream, is super light, and it keeps my skin matte. It feels much lighter on my skin than my more heavy-duty Doll10 foundation. Plus it’s a more brightening shade, whereas Doll10 is more tan. Testimony to its adaptability to Asian skin tones, my sister bought the same shade, even though she has lighter skin. Normally we’d wear different foundations shades.

In terms of durability, I really have put Fit Me through its paces this summer. And even on the hottest of days when I’ve been out and about, it would only get slightly dewy.

I bought shade 220, which is a yellow base, but they have a range of shades alternating from pink-shades to more golden. So it’s important to check with the sales assistant. I almost opted for a pink base as you can’t always tell with a quick jawline swatch (or at least I can’t).

So, if you haven’t gathered yet, the summary of my Maybelline Fit Me review is that it gets my thumbs up. I will never be so dismissive of budget foundation again.


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