A little announcement – my baby girl

September 11, 2017

So I’ve been a bit absent on the blog, but I hope I can be excused.

Just a few weeks ago, life changed as I know it. I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl whom hubby and I have decided to call Hannah.

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of weeks as we’ve navigated feeding, sleeping (or lack of), and the odd projectile pooh. Yes she pooped on both myself and hubby on different occasions. She is nothing if not equitable.

So as I’ve been busy with little one, HalimaBobs has been a bit quiet. But rest assured I have a few Restaurant and product reviews banked to keep you guys entertained before I resume normal blogging in earnest.

I won’t be putting pics of her gorgeous face on this blog, mainly because she’s not old enough to tell me or decide if she wants to be on a public platform.

But for now, here’s her beautiful tiny feet…



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