Panasonic Smart Baby monitor review

So I’ve been busy off the blog adapting to my new normal as a mum. Hannah is gorgeous, smiley and thriving. I however, have rediscovered my inner worry wart since giving birth.

I worry if she’s feeding properly, growing enough, and whether the strange noises she makes at night – a cross between a bleating lamb and a neighing pony – is normal. (FYI it totally is, as confirmed by my midwife and fellow NCT buddies).

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called the midwife. In fact I’m surprised my number hasn’t been blocked.

But the biggest thing that gives me grey hairs is checking if she is ok whilst sleeping.

I’ve found that having her nap in the living room, where I can keep an eye on her, doesn’t really work. The brightness and sounds make her sleep lightly. So I’ve found putting her to bed in her room for naps is the way to go. However while her naps are more peaceful, it doesn’t give me peace of mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful when she’s napping, but if I put her in the bedroom to potter about in the living room, I need to check in her every minute. If she’s sleeping soundly, I’ll tickle her chin to check she’s still breathing. Needless to say, that only serves to annoy her and wake her up.

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So having finally set up the Panasonic Smart Baby Monitor, it has been something of a saviour.

Panasonic Smart Baby monitor – really is a Smart-ass

I wasn’t sure if I’d need a monitor initially. After all, living in a small London flat, it’s hardly like I’m running up and down the stairs. However, I have found that if she’s in another room, I simply can’t relax. The fear of her getting the blanket over her face, or rolling onto her front is too much.

So the Panasonic Smart baby monitor, with its night vision camera, temperature reader and long range has helped stop me being a fretful mum. At least on the sleep front anyway.

Panasonic Baby Monitor Review - the screen with temp reader

Also the footage is pretty sharp as far as baby monitors go. So there’s little guesswork when it comes to seeing whether she’s asleep, awake or scratching at her delicate face.

Baby monitor on smartphone tablet

The only thing you may find a slight negative is that the baby monitor doesn’t come with a screen. Instead you download the app to your phone or tablet and view the footage that way. However as we have a Samsung tablet that is little used, we just hook up the monitor to that.

You can also set up the Monitor on multiple devices, which a traditional baby monitor wouldn’t allow.

Also the wireless smartphone hook up is useful as it means you can monitor your little one when out of the house, as it has a crazy radius range. So that’s peace of mind right there while you pop to the shops.

The Smart Monitor also has some nifty extras. Firstly, it’s temperature reader helps add peace of mind, so I know Hannah won’t be too hot if too cold.

But a real bonus is the ability to have a two way conversation and even play lullabies direct from the Monitor. So when Hannah gets up, if we can’t get to her straight away, we can switch on a soothing lullaby which helps her feel more secure and comfortable. This has helped buy us some previous time, perfect for when we’re midway through eating nachos and guacamole.

So basically the Panasonic Smart Baby Monitor is blooming brilliant. While I may worry about everything else, at least I can keep little one napping and hopefully relax myself.


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