The best baby slings – Ergo Baby vs Baba Sling vs Baby Bjorn One

OK, so while I am still very much interested in beauty, travel and food, there is no denying the very cute baby elephant in the room.

Hannah is nearly one. I’ve officially carried her around for 21 months. The latter 12 months with the aid of a baby sling.

And that is the subject of this review – baby slings, baby carriers, or whatever you’d like to call them.

Halimabobs baby wearing with Ergo Baby sling

This blog post has been about nine months in the making. I actually started writing it when she was a wee nipper, and baby life got in the way of me finishing it.

But with my many mum readers, I decided it’s worth a revisit. After all, getting the right sling is just the ticket for travel, teething and overtired tantrums. (Note: I’m dealing with the latter two right now).

So one year into mum life, this article is still totally relevant.

Battle of the baby slings… where it all started

Baby sleeping in the Baba sling

The Baba Sling – as worn by post-partum me

While I was pregnant I became aware of the importance of slings.

Firstly, babies like to be close to their parents. They need the warmth and cuddles of mum and dad to feel safe and secure. But there’s also another fundamental benefit to a sling.

The upright position that baby is held in helps their breathing development, as well as temperature regulation. You see, some argue that those precious little bubbas came three months too early, as their bodies are very much still in development in those first 12 weeks.

Plus, another huge factor many people might not know is that having baby physically close to mum helps boost milk production, which is vital if you’re breastfeeding.

So it was a no brainier that I would get a sling once baby arrived.

And once Hannah came along, I quickly realised just how much time I would spend carrying her. So being hands free at the same time would be crucial if I wanted to eat / tidy / get s**t done.

Anyway, I waited a while to get a sling as I felt newborn Hannah was too small and squishy to be slinged up straight away. Plus I wanted to really shop around and see what worked best for her.

I got gifted the Baba Sling from my sister, I tried the Baby Bjorn One for size and bought the Ergo Baby. All three are the subject of this review.

Baby on the beach in Ergo Baby sling

Ergo Baby


The best baby sling Ergo Baby vs Baba Sling vs Baby Bjorn One


Ergo Baby – on the more expensive end of the scale, at £139.

Baba Sling – relatively cheap compared to other slings on the market. It costs around £50.

Baby Bjorn One – on a par with Ergo Baby, around £135.


Length of use

Ergo Baby – can be used up until Baby weighs 20kg. This is roughly around the age of 3. It is a lot more supportive than the Baba Sling, so perhaps easier to carry a toddler around.

Baba Sling – can be used up to the age of around 3. Though I can’t imagine lugging a toddler around in it.

Baby Bjorn One – similar to the Ergo Baby, can be used into toddlerhood.


Ease of assembly

Ergo Baby – this one has a few more contraptions. There’s a large Velcro belt which straps across your hip. Plus there are a few belt clasps for your shoulders and back. However it’s pretty easy to assemble.

Baba Sling – it’s essentially a hammock. There are a couple of pullies either side you adjust size according to the baby. However this can be tricky and I was never quite sure if I adjusted it correctly.

Baby Bjorn One – way too many contraptions for my liking. I felt like I’d need a manual every time I used it.


Snugness / security

Ergo Baby – pretty secure with its safety clasps and it comes with a cushion insert for smaller babies. Hannah stays quite snug and falls asleep in it when worn by hubby. I find that she feels heavy and slips after wearing for a long time, but I’m pretty petite.

Baba Sling – with it being simply a hammock, it doesn’t offer much ergonomic support. When I wore it I felt like Hannah might slip out. Though it’s relatively easy to assemble it just didn’t feel secure and I was never sure if she was in properly. As a result, I only wore the Baba Sling in the house briefly when Hannah was very small and stopped using it pretty quickly.

Baby Bjorn One – put it this way, Hannah cried as soon as we put her in. All the contraptions means it takes a while to put on while baby’s strapped in. I didn’t like the way she felt in it so I took her out within minutes. Also, one of my midwife friends mentioned that the position of the Baby Bjorn slings does add a little pressure on a baby’s groin. However, many friends have the Baby Bjorn carrier and swear by it. So it clearly works for some!

So in a nutshell, my favourite baby carrier is the Ergo Baby. With snugness, ease of use and back support, it wins hands down. And most importantly, Hannah loves it too.


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