Budget maternity wear – dressing for my changing vlog

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So I’m officially like a child again. And I’m not just talking about the irregular sleep patterns. One of the fun sides of pregnancy is having a constantly growing, evolving shape.  This means you’re regularly having to adjust your wardrobe as your body changes.This presents its own challenges.

The interesting thing for me is that I haven’t (so far) grown anywhere other than bump.  This might seem like a blessing, it means that all of my tops are parked (for now).

Maternity wear – so many questions…

How far into your pregnancy do you shop ahead? Should you buy the next size up? How many maternity items do you need? How much should you spend? Do I want the elasticated waistband to go over the bump, or under? Do you really need a new wardrobe full of maternity clothes? Is there such a thing as budget maternity wear? What about after childbirth? Should you even dare buy any clothes in your pre-pregnancy size? What if you don’t snap back?

Yes, lots of questions. I’ve been pondering all of them at some point of other throughout my pregnancy and made some mistakes along the way. But rest assured, if you’re asking yourself the same, my video explains it all. I share my maternity wardrobe and detail the budget maternity wear essentials you should buy, without breaking the bank.

I also share my first faux pas, so you can learn from my mistake.  It involved an online order of a pair of maternity jeans. The jeans themselves were super cute denim ripped jeans, but going one size up wasn’t clever.  In fact, when wearing them to the shops and spending the afternoon hoisting the damn things up.

This chatty informative blog tells you the little cheats that will let you wear your regular wardrobe (yes, you can wear your pre-pregnancy jeans!), as well as the tips I’ve picked up through trial and fashion error.

As I can talk for England, and if you’re short on time, you can scroll to the bits in the video you’re eager to hear about:

1 min 08 secs – maternity jeans (over bump)

2 mins 00 secs – maternity jeans (under bump)

3 mins : 42secs – summer dresses

4 mins : 25 secs – materials to avoid

5 mins : 20 secs – maternity / new mum tops

5 mins : 48 secs – how to wear your normal, non-maternity jeans


If you have any questions I haven’t answered, or have your own advice to share, leave your thoughts in a comment below…



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