men-u men’s skincare review

February 23, 2017

I’ve let a boy take over my blog!  In the interests of offering a variety of reviews, all with the caveat of being honest and unfiltered, I got my brother to review a fab range of skincare products called men-u.

As you will see, keeping it real runs in the family:

men-u men’s skincare review 

I have recently been provided with 2 men’s men-u Grooming boxes, which I have been using for approximately 2 weeks.

men-u Style + Box – Comprising of Liquiflex Hair Cream & Black Pepper & Bergamot Ultra Concentrate Shower Gel…

Men-u shower gel and shaving cream


The Liquiflex hair cream product claims to provide medium hold and medium shine, whilst turning from cream to liquid in your hands, and does not leave hands sticky after use.

My first thoughts were that I have heard this claim from many hair gels/creams in the past and not one of them has left my hands feeling non-sticky so I was quite apprehensive. However, this hair cream really does do what it says! I was shocked to find that after applying the hair cream, after a minute or so, my hands were not left with sticky residue, which would be ideal for those emergency situations when water is not readily available!

This cream offers a nice fragrance with medium hold with medium shine, therefore, as my hair is quite strong and thick, did not provide me with the hold I was personally looking for. I also prefer a matte look as opposed to the shine finish that this product provides. All in all, although this hair cream was not for me, it certainly does perform as described on the bottle.

The Black Pepper & Bergamot Ultra Concentrate Shower Gel was really nice to use. I really love the unique smell of this product and the fact that the smell lasts for hours after showering! I would be first in the queue if a deodorant and anti-perspirant was available!

The shower gel is nice and thick and does not disappear through your fingers as with some shower gels. The only negative I would mention is that it does not appear to be suitable for hair – or certainly does not say that it is, whereas a lot of men’s shower gels can be doubled up as a hair wash. But nevertheless, it’s a good shower gel that I would happily purchase.


Men-u Selection Box shower gel, shave and facial


men-u Selection Box – comprising of shave crème, healthy facial wash, facial moisturiser, matt ‘skin refresh’ gel, matt moisturiser, D-Tox ‘deep clean’ clay mask and shower gel 

This was a great selection box, and has lived in my gym bag for the last two weeks, although I have mixed feeling regarding the products.

The good

I really loved the shower gel! The fragrance is unique, and lasts for several hours after showering, which is excellent for after those tough gym sessions. Similarly, this shower gel is also thick and a little goes a long way.

I also enjoyed the healthy facial wash, which has just the right amount of tee-tree in it, that results in a very clean feeling, without over-drying my delicate skin. I also enjoyed the D-Tox ‘deep clean’ clay mask, which left my face feeling very clean and fresh after use. I would definitely purchase these three products from the Selection Box!

The not-so good (for me)

However, I was not overly keen on the facial moisturiser, matte moisturiser and matte ‘skin refresh’ gel, as they did not offer me the level of moisture I require on my face, and did leave my face wanting a little bit extra. I have combination skin and generally require a more substantial facial cream to alleviate any dryness, whilst at the same time not leaving my skin too greasy.  But if you’ve got oily skin, these might be the products for you.

I felt that the shave crème was too thin and watery for my liking, as I prefer the feel of a thicker shave gel. Although the razor glide was surprisingly good for the thinner consistency, it wasn’t my preference. Again, if you prefer a thinner shave gel, then this would be up your street.

In summary, the men-u product range is a great range of products. The shower gels provide a very unique smell that to my knowledge is not available in other shower gels on the market. The D-Tox ‘deep clean’ clay mask and healthy facial wash is also great in the fact that it provides a real clean feeling without over-drying. These particular products have just claimed a new fan!

*Note: The Style+ box set was a limited edition, however both products can be purchased separately.

If you have any men’s skincare recommendations you’ve gifted the man in your life (or male siblings/friends), share your thoughts in a comment below.


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