Celebrity makeup disasters that make us look like makeup artists

November 3, 2015

I figured I’d post something fun and frivolous which would make us feel a pinch better about ourselves. And what better way to lift our spirits and our confidence than with a mean article that pokes fun at the very epitome of perfection… our celebrities?

While we aspire to look like them and covet their makeup looks (Kylie Jenner lips?  I’ve done a tutorial here), there are also some times when they get it very wrong, and here are some of the best…

Celebrity makeup disaster #1 – The Haloween makeup when it’s not Haloween

Tayor Momson's black rock chick eyeshadow
No, the above aren’t Haloween makeup tutorials, though they bloody well should be. Tyra seems to be trying out all the makeup tricks at once – highlighting and contouring, bright lips, smokey eyes.  In isolation, they’re mkauep magic.  but they should never be worn together. It almost looks as though she had three makeup artists working on her at once, though they forgot to consult each other on the look.
As for Taylor whats-her-face, the goth look does not earn you rock chick credentials.  And Kung Fu Panda you are not.

Celebrity makeup disaster #2 – The not-so-translucent translucent powder

Angelina Jolie's white translucent powder
They say the camera never lies, but it sure can be a bitch.  Angelina and Miley probably looked great when they looked in the mirror before leaving the house, but there translucent finishing powder decided to make an appearance on the red carpet once the bulbs started flashing. Ironically, the translucent powder is designed exactly for these red carpet moments, but instead leaves these ladies looking flour-bombed.

Celebrity makeup disaster #3 – The highlight of the night

Amy Child's highligher makeup disaster
Highlighting can be a double edged sword.  If done correctly, you look lit from within.  But a shade too light or a stroke too far makes you look, well, a bit silly.  Just ask Eva and Amy.

Celebrity makeup disaster #4 – The WTF

Christina Aguilera's makeup disaster
There are just no words.  And there is just no need. Someone told Christina Aguilea that her makeup was OK.  They should be ashamed.

And I’m no better…

So that’s my mean post of the day.  But in the interests of fairness, I thought I ought to share one of my own makeup no no’s…
Desi Girl's Blog makeup goes wrong
Yes, I matched my lipstick with the stripes on my jumper.  And yes, I thought that was OK.  But it wasn’t.
Have a good rest of the day!

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