Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser review

August 26, 2015
 Now I’m a bit of an anomaly on this one, but during the height of summer, I STILL need to use a body moisturiser.  Granted, I put away my trusty coconut oil, but going completely cream free leaves me with patchy dryness.
So recently I’ve been opting for lighter moisturisers that lock in softness without feeling greasy.  I turned to Cuticura, namely their Skin + Balance Shine Control Facial Mosturiser, except I’ve been using it all over my body.  However, while Cuticura’s been surprisingly good (not to mention nice-smelling) on my body, it’s not been able to combat my dryness prone areas such as my elbows and knees.
Vaseline's Spray comes in Cocoa Radiant, Aloe Soothe and Essential Healing
And that’s where Vaseline’s Intensive Care Spray Moisturiser has come to the rescue.  The Spray on moisturiser contains droplets of Vaseline jelly, so it packs a moisturising punch for summer, and will probably take me nicely into Autumn.  Despite being fairly heavy-duty in the softening stakes, it’s not greasy and can be used in the morning before dressing.

Vaseline’s Spray Moisturiser comes in three varieties, Cocoa Radiant – a chocolate-y fragrance, Aloe Soothe, a clean zingy note and Essential Healing, which has Vaseline’s moisturiser’s staple neutral scent.

One note of caution I have to mention however with the spray is that it can quite easily go off piste, so you have to spray right onto the area otherwise you’ll end up with very soft bedding, or wherever else you tend to apply your moisturiser in the morning.  It might not sound like rocket science, but on a couple of occasions I managed to spray my arm and the surrounding area so it’s worth applying with precision and keeping the spray can close when using.

Overall however, Vaseline’s Spray Moisturiser is a great addition to the Vaseline family, and my summer skincare regime.

Vaseline’s Spray Moisturiser comes with an RRP of £5.99, and is available in supermarkets and chemists including Boots and Superdrug.  


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