Dr Organics Snail Gel and Leakey Collection’s Marula Oil review

February 24, 2015
Dr Organic Snail Gel jar with Leakey Marula Oil
Since it’s bitterly cold now, I’ve really needed to step up my skincare routine, and a couple of products I’ve recently tried have really helped reduce the unsightly dry patches that have laid root on my face.
Basically, normal moisturiser won’t do in the mornings, but the Argan oil I use at night after my shower (which I love) seems a little greasy to wear under makeup.

However I’ve found a happy medium in form of two new products I was recently introduced to – The Leakey Collection’s Marula Oil and Dr Organics Snail Gel.

Snail gel?

An opened jar of Dr Organic Snail Gel
That’s right, Snail Gel.  I’m not a fan of the slimey creatures, but it’s their slimy-ness that helps hydrate, moisturise and soothe skin.  I was sent the product – which is available exclusively at Holland and Barrett – to try along with a few other products in their range. I’ve been trying their hand cream, face mask and day moisturiser, but it’s the pure gel that stole the show for me.
The benefit of snail gel was discovered by chance, when snail farmers in Chile noticed that when working in the fields, their hands were incredibly soft and hydrated and small cuts and scars were healing unusually quickly.  This was down to the Helix Aspersia Muller (yeah, that thing), a substance produced by the snail to regenerate its own shell when it’s damaged.
Ensuing lab tests then showed that Helix Aspersia Muller contains a unique balance of glycolic acid, collagen, elastin, allantoin, vitamins and minerals.  Basically all the good stuff that your skin will drink up to stay soft, supple and slightly less wrinkly.
The snail gel also includes other goodies such as aloe vera – a wonder plant in itself – and vitamin E.
As the nasty winter weather can lead to dryness, I apply the snail gel in the morning and at night.  I just use a small thumbnail amount as it spreads across my skin pretty easily.  I then apply just a few drops of Marula oil on top.

Marula what?

A decadent brown and gold glass bottle of Marula Oil
Now if you’d told me a few years ago to put oil on my FACE, I would havethought you were mad.  My awkward combo skin really struggled with a greasy t-zone, so added oil was the last thing I needed.
However, my skin has changed in the last couple of years.  I don’t suffer from oily breakouts under
makeup, and I find that, if anything, my skin needs TLC. And sometimes a simple moisturiser won’t do.
I mentioned that after a shower at night I apply argan oil – which I bought from Marrakech – to my face.  But that only works if I’m not going anywhere afterwards, so can be makeup free for the rest of the evening.  I also try and apply it well before bedtime to avoid a greasy pillow.
But I’ve been impressed with pure marula oil -which I recieved at a Holland and Barrett event I attended – as I can apply just a couple of drops, on top of the snail gel, and my skin is left soft, smooth and nourished, without the oily backlash.
With marula oil, the trick is less is more.  You can be a little more generous at night, but for the daytime, especially under makeup, you don’t want any more than three drops of oil.  With the Leakey Collections’s brand of marula oil this is also pretty convenient to measure as it comes with a handy built-in pipette to make sure you’re not left with an oil spill.
A pipette dropping Marula oil into its jar


The sparing use of it also helps to justify the price tag – at £37.50, you want to make sure a little goes a long way.

So what does marula oil do?

You may have seen a bit of a buzz around marula oil.  Well it was featured in the Daily Mail, which pretty much cements its status as the shiny new oil on the block.
Marula oil comes from Africa, and is packed with Vitamin C and a high level of antioxidants.
It contains a high level of fatty acids to trap the skin’s moisture, which is why after applying, my skin feels softer for longer.
It also doesn’t have the greasy residue and feel left by the likes of coconut and olive. Best thing for me is the matte factor, my skin isn’t left shiny, as is the case with other oils.
It claims to be a good makeup primer, and while I can’t vouch for how it sits under foundation, I can say that it works a treat under CC cream.
Also, for those who look for beauty with a conscience, the Leakey Collection brand of marula oil is produced in fair trade and sustainable conditions.
So both products are seeing me through this particularly cold winter.  What about you?  What are your winter skincare products of choice?
Marula retails at £37.50 for 30ml, while Dr Organics snail gel costs £19.99 for 50ml. Both are available at Holland and Barrett.

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