Daring to go bare (faced) with St Ives Apricot scrub

November 4, 2014
Day 2 of a new beauty regime


A gift wrapped Book of Mindfulness

So I was recently asked to take part in a bright skin campaign by St Ives, the reigning queens of facial scrubs.  You’ve probably heard me rant about St Ives before, as I’m a huge fan of their natural, fuss-free apricot skincare.

So when they invited me to take part in their campaign, and dare to post a makeup-free selfie by the end of it, I jumped at the chance.
For those of you who’ve seen my YouTube channel, you’ll know that I don’t mind going makeup free in the name of accurate vlogging.
My makeup routines tend to be mimimal and fuss-free.  But most importantly, my vlog and blog tend
to focus less on transformative makeovers, and more on looking like myself, only better.  I’m absolutely against airbrushing and photo-shopping and I’m not a fan of tutorials that suggest you use an army of products for a simple look.
However, while letting you lovely people see me makeup free, the moment is fleeting.  I usually only go barefaced when I’m about to demonstrate a real-time tutorial, and even then, I don’t hang about sans makeup, and I quickly get applying.
So it was refreshing to see St Ives actively encouraging natural beauty and radiance, and helping us along the way.
Upon taking the challenge I was presented with a hamper containing a few ‘inspiring’ products, one for each day of the week:
DAY 1: Start the week by taking care of your skin inside and out: Water bottle and St. Ives scrubs
DAY 2: Get your natural beauty sleep tonight and dream the night away: Sleep pillow spray
DAY 3: Time to detox and unwind, the natural way: Herbal tea 
DAY 4: Keep your lips kissably smooth with a sweet & fruity natural treat: Lip balm
DAY 5: Taste the delicious and nutritious hero ingredient from our scrubs: Yummy dry apricots
DAY 6: Don’t forget, beauty also comes from within: Little Book of Mindfulness
DAY 7: Embrace your natural beauty today from head to toe:  Walnuts and body scrub
Extra beauty treat: Personalised alphabet clutch/wash bag
Now honesty time, I didn’t religiously follow this order.  I didn’t want to eat all the apricots at once for fear of causing a laxative effect.  I’ve also found the book soooo insightful that long after the campaign has run, I’m still thumbing through its pages and following the breathing exercises detailed.
Celophane-wrapped dried apricots
Dried apricots – a healthy office snack!


But to be fair, I don’t think St Ives will mind too much, as this campaign has offered more than that.  The principles I’ve adopted- healthy snacking, simple skincare, and most importantly, rest and relaxation – will remain with me long after I’ve eaten all the apricots.
Because true to the cause, we can have the best makeup and the most expert technique.  However if we’re stressed out, not sleeping and not eating well, it will show in our appearance.  Make up, though miraculous at times, can only do so much.
So after imparting that bit of zen, there’s only one thing left to do, share my makeup free selfie.  So
if you don’t want to see, look away now…
Selfie with no makeup

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