Sleek Flamingo blusher vs. Mac Dollymix blusher – which is better?

April 26, 2014
Sleek Flamigo's blush compact next to Mac's Dollymix blush
Sleek Flamingo blusher and Mac Dollymix compact's opened


Sleek vs Mac – clash of the blushes

A bit of an age-old conundrum, does a higher price tag necessarily mean a better product?

For years Mac has dominated beauty counters around the globe.
Its myriad of foundation shades and spectrum of eye colours makes Mac the go-to for lasting, vibrant and highly pigmented makeup.
I’m a fan on Mac’s eyeliner kohl, and their stunning blush shades, but I’ve never really taken to their foundations.
However, many girls I know would argue otherwise, and some even credit Mac as the best foundation for  colour-matching with Asian skin.
However, snapping at its heels is a newer, more urban and cheaper alternative to Mac, in the form of Sleek cosmetics.
Sleek initially marketed itself as an edgy makeup range that seemed initially aimed at black or Asian skin. I can’t remember if this was an active marketing strategy, but through their branding and photography, they seemed to have targeted the much eluded-minority.
One thing that Sleek also did, and did well, was to look like the younger, more urban model of Mac, with its black branding. It was also evident that there were numerous copycat shades in Sleek’s range. Oh, and the products are about a third of the price.
So I decided to pit two very similar cosmetics together – Mac’s Dolly Mix blush, with Sleek’s Flamingo offering.
Comparing the pigmentation of Sleek's Flamingo blush and Mac's Dollymix blush

Sleek vs Mac video test – click play on the pic above to see how both blushers look on my skin

Both shades offer a strong pink shade, so I decided the best way to solve the riddle of which one’s better is to pitch then against each other – literally cheek to cheek.
So watch my Sleek vs Mac video for a compare and contrast for my blush smackdown, and judge for yourself which one looks best.
One note I would add after having worn both blushes a few times, is that it seems that the Mac blush is a more blendable shade.
I’ve found that while Sleek’s blusher smoothed on quite nicely onto a foundation or heavy base, it didn’t work so well on the days I was wearing a minimal base makeup, be it a tinted moisturiser or light BB or CC cream. It came on slightly patchy and chalky and didn’t blend shamelessly.
Whereas the Mac shade sits in situ with even bare skin, offering an even flush if colour.
To see how the shades look, do watch my video above, and if you like what you see, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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