Steam Cream and its many uses

November 8, 2013
Steam cream's natural ingredients - bowls of rose petals, oats and more
All these natural ingredients go into the humble Steam Cream
An open tub of Steam Cream
I was recently asked to take part in the Steam Cream blogger challenge, which basically asks bloggers to try Steam Cream in a variety of ways to demonstrate how versatile it is.
Well, I’d not tried Steam Cream – nor heard of it – at all until very recently, so was interested to see what it could do for me.
For those who don’t know, Steam Cream is a light, non-greasy all-purpose cream which is said to work on even the most sensitive of skin.
Steam Cream smells like lavender, and feels feather-light.  It is packed with an army of natural ingredients from almonds, rose petals, Argan Oil to lavender. It gets its name from a steaming process in which the cream is literally whipped into shape. See below some pics I took at a recent Steam Cream event:
The steaming process for Steam Cream
The steaming process
If I were to describe Steam Cream, I’d say it is non-fussy skincare.  It doesn’t over-promise – no anti-aging, smoothing, pore-reducing claims.  It’s just a simple, all-round cold cream which can be used on the face and body.
As the cream is so light, I wouldn’t use it as a heavy duty winter cream.  However, it works really well in the summer, and also under makeup due to its light formula.  It’s also a great holiday essential – I took
it with me to Marrakech recently, (you can read my review of that holiday here).
I personally think Steam Cream is best for the face, as I prefer a bit more moisture for my body, however as it absorbs quickly and isn’t greasy, it’s a good body cream when you’re in a hurry, i.e. running from the gym after a lunchtime workout.
Steam Cream comes in a cute tin, which comes in a variety of designs.  The tin is also incredibly functional and easy to store away, which makes it great for packing with me on my many trips up north (and everywhere else) for work and family visits.

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Making a scrub from oats and brown sugar and Steam Cream
In terms of the challenge, I tried it with ground oatmeal as a body exfoliator.  Now I’ve heard lots
about using oatmeal as a natural DIY scrub, but I prefer a deeper slough, and I also resent the clean-up job afterwards when trying to free the sink of oatmeal crumbs.
However, another option suggested by the brains behind Steam Cream was mixing the cream with brown sugar to use as a face scrub.  I tried this, but didn’t like the icky-sticky feeling it left behind on my face, plus I felt it was a little harsh for my face.  However, as an in shower body scrub – its amaze-balls!  Here’s how I did it…

How to make a homemade scrub with Steam Cream:

Simply mix two-parts brown sugar with one-part Steam Cream, and stir together until you have a thick, sugary consistency.  Then, whilst in the shower, apply the scrub to your skin, working in circular motions.
One tip I would suggest with this scrub, and all shower scrubs for that matter, is to apply when you’re skin isn’t under running water.  So either turn off the shower for a few minutes, or just move the body part you’re scrubbing from under the shower. This is because under running water, the scrub will get washed away before it’s had a chance to get to your skin.  It makes sense when you think about it!
I think the sugar and Steam Cream body scrub rivals much more expensive scrubs such as Sanctuary Spa’s salt scrub and Arbonne Vanilla Amber sugar scrub.
However, I still have to say that my favourite use for Steam Cream is its basic use – as a face cream.
It’s a great go-to when you don’t want a heavy cream, and just want to let your skin breathe.

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