In-shower moisturiser – the latest skincare trend

November 30, 2013
I was intrigued and just a bit sceptical when I found out that Nivea had launched its first in-shower body moisturiser.
The moisturiser promises to keep your skin soft and hydrated after your shower, removing the requirement for a post-shower lotion.
I’m a massive fan of body oil, and despite a plethora of body butters, creams and lotions on the market, I don’t think any of these products come close to the humble coconut, olive or even baby lotion.
However, the only downside to oil is the same as its key benefit. It’s so damn moisturising that it takes a while to penetrate into your skin, so you’re essentially greasy for about 30 minutes. This is fine when you shower in the evening and have nowhere to go – you can be a grease-bag at home. It’s a bit more of a problem when you’re leaving for work in the morning.
So the idea of being moisturised, and shaving precious time off your morning routine, could be a saviour for many.
I tried the Nivea in-shower Moisturiser, and Care’s Aqueous Cream, which wasn’t intended to be an in-shower moisturiser, but does a pretty good job nonetheless.
Like its tub of face cream, Nivea’s moisturiser smells amazing, and leaves you delicately fragranced afterwards. I did in fact feel moisturised after my shower. And any tell-tale dry patches were kept at bay throughout the day. Of course, it’s not as moisturising as my beloved oils, but it’s a great substitute for a traditional, after-shower body lotion.
Care’s Aqueous cream is traditionally used to treat dry aggravated skin, and is an aid for people with eczema. According to UK retailers, more and more people are replacing soap and shower gel with Aqueous Cream to feel its moisturising benefits.
Also, to make it easy to use in the shower, care has adapted it from being in a tub to a squeezy tube.
I’ve tried the cream in the shower, and whilst it doesn’t have the fragrance of Nivea, it still makes your skin as soft.
One thing I would say about both Nivea and Care’s Aqueous Cream is that while they both provide moisture, I’m not sure how efficient they are at cleaning the skin, as this isn’t their primary offering. Therefore, being a bit of a traditionalist, I tend to lather or scrub up with Dove soap, before rinsing away and massaging one of the in-shower creams. That way I feel clean and moisturised, as well as shaving at least five minutes off my morning routine. And for me, that’s an extra five minutes in bed!
Nivea’s in-shower moisturiser costs just £2.37, and is available at boots and most big stores. 
Care’s Aqueous Cream costs under £2 and is available in most pharmacies.    

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