HoMedics My My Elos Permanent hair removal review

January 13, 2013

I put HoMedics Me My Elos Permanent Hair reduction system to the test – is it any good? Read on for my initial thoughts.

I have long thought about laser hair removal.  I have heard about the excessively-hairy-Mary Kardashians doing it (in fact they let us see them get their bits done on their show) and I loved the thought of getting rid of unwanted body hair for good.
I mean let’s be honest, de-fuzzing is a pain.  I had a very brief dalliance with shaving, but didn’t like the rough re-growth and the need to do it most days.  Then I graduated to waxing, using those cold strips that you warm up between your hands before applying to your skin.  While this was a step-up from shaving – with much better and longer lasting results – the hassle with DIY waxing was that the cold strips didn’t always work, and I always missed bits which I noticed afterwards.  And a random strip of hair on your arm will never be in vogue.
Then I moved on to the good old epilator, my current hair remover of choice.  While it looks like an instrument of medieval torture.  It’s great from the point of view that you have lasting results like waxing, but less messy and much quicker.
However, there are a couple of big downsides with the epilator.  There’s the pain factor when you do your underarms, but worse than this, epilators leave pesky in-grown hairs, which if you’re like me, just need to be removed.  And they leave freckle-like scars which take forever to heal.

In fact, I’ve done a whole video on epilating vs. waxing, vs shaving, which you can see here.

Finding the perfect de-fuzzer

So neither waxing, epilating, nor shaving was the perfect solution for me.  As I’ve said, I’ve thought about laser hair, but the cost of in-salon treatment, £300+ per session for one leg (and you need about 6-sessions with tough, Asian hair, not to mention doing the other leg and touch-ups afterwards), put me off.  Also, the potential risks – I’d read about cowboy salons with trigger-happy, untrained staff – filled me with dread.

HoMedics hair reduction system


However, someone, somewhere read my mind when I was asked to trial the HoMedics Me My Elos at home permanent hair reduction system just weeks before my wedding.  I couldn’t believe my luck!

According to the blurb:

HoMedics Me My Elos is unlike any other hair removal device as it boasts:
  • Suitability for all skin types   
  • 100,000 pulses, for a six-year life span
  • The same elos technology that is used in salons 
  • Lower energy so that it feels more comfortable on the skin – no need for a cooling gel
  • Epilator attachment means that it is even effective on light and grey hair
The device is so easy to use, rather than the ‘Stop and Stamp’ method, you simply glide the device along the area of skin you’d like to treat in a continuous motion, as you would a razor or epilator. Estimated treatment time is a mere 30 minutes for the entire body and as little as one minute per underarm.”   
The handheld Homedics device
Crucially, the HoMedics system isn’t apparently a laser treatment, but is a safer, more effective option.
Also, at a cost £499.99*, it’s a hefty one-off outlay.  However it works out much cheaper than going for sessions in a salon, which would rack up to thousands over time.  So it’s an investment, which makes the cost much more palatable.
Anyway, while I was excited to try my new kit, I waited until after the wedding, as I’d already booked a waxing session, and being a worry-wart, I wanted to ensure there were no side-effects.  Also, as I would be on honeymoon for two weeks afterwards, I didn’t want to interrupt the sessions, as I needed to use the kit once a week for six weeks initially, followed by top-ups as and when.

My First attempt with HomeMedics at Home hair removal

Anyhoo, I finally got round to using the HoMedics kit a few weeks ago.  After thoroughly reading  the instructions and giving myself the jitters (I am THAT person who reads every cautionary risk-factor and thinks it might happen to me) I hesitantly started on my legs.
I epilated beforehand, as you need to be hair-free before using the system.  Being a laser novice, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so needless to say, I was shocked sh**less when I applied the applicator to my skin and the pulse let off what seemed like a light spark!  Being a baby, I stopped and put the system away.

My second attempt

After a second attempt, I followed the sessions through, and moved the applicator along my skin after each light pulse.  The plus side of the scary spark-looking thing is that you know exactly when to move the applicator along – there’s no missing it!  I make sure I wear sunglasses each time I use the applicator as the pulse flashes brightly.
The pulses felt warm initially, and then felt slightly hot on my skin, but this wasn’t uncomfortable, and I quickly got used to it.  It took around 10-12 minutes to go over both legs four times.  So it stood pretty true to its claim of a quick treatment.
I’ve been using the HoMedics Hair Removal System for about six weeks, so coming to the end of the treatment.  After this, I should have noticeably less hair growth and should only need to do top-up treatments as and when.
Even now I have noticed an improvement, in that I have noticed I’ve only needed to epilate about two or three times in the space of two months, and even then it has been sparse re-growth.
I’ll feedback the results after the treatment.  If this works, the HoMedics at Home Permanent Hair Reduction Treatment will be worth every penny.

Update: You can read the conclusion to my HoMedica review here.

The HoMedics Me My Elos has since been reduced and is available for £209.99 from Amazon.  You can purchase here.       



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