Would you epilate your FACE? Braun facial epilator and cleanser review

April 15, 2015

Now they said beauty wasn’t easy.  Hair removal for women, particularly on the face, is a pretty hairy area (no pun intended), however, a new gadget promises to make this tricky routine easier.  And once you’ve de-fuzzed, there’s a totally separate tool to help cleanse your skin.

In the interests of investigative journalism, I’ve reviewed the Braun 2-in-1 facial epilator and cleanser, which promises to remove hair 200x faster than manual tweezing and can remove hair 4x shorter than wax, providing hair-free results for up to four weeks. The cleansing head tool also works 6x better than manual exfoliation.


An epilator you can use on your face


A battery-operated facial cleansing brush head


Downy hair be gone!

Now I’ve got a pretty good threading routine – I do my own upper lip (see my tutorial here) and I leave my brows to the experts.
However, one area I’ve never successfully shifted is that stubborn downy hair on the sides of my face. We all have it, but it’s more apparent with black hair.
I’ve had a few unsuccessful short-term attempts at removing my facial hair. But when going to a beautician, I’ve pretty much been left with one option, remove all my facial hair, or none at all. I remember going to a beautician and being presented with such a predicament. I ended up being cajoled into getting my face threaded. And yes, it was as painful as it sounds. The lady was removing hair from where there was no hair. I’m talking cheekbones, eye bags, eyelids, the works. To say it’s painful would be an understatement.
And my problems didn’t end there. Cue lots of spot breakouts, redness and rashes. Needless to say, my facial threading days started and ended in that one painful session.
Next up in the experiment of facial hair was a wax job. I did this ahead of a wedding. And it was the worst thing I could have done. The haphazard beautician burned my face, leaving me with blisters just days before the big day.
The problem was, along with the drawbacks and risks mentioned, neither option gave me the results I wanted. I don’t want to look like a plucked chicken, all red-raw and peeled. I just want to get rid of, or at least thin out some downy hair.
Along the way I’ve tried random hair removal masks. Even bleach. But I recent years I’ve gone for the au-natural look, proud of my sideburns.
So when the opportunity arose to try the Braun 2-in-1 facial epilator and cleaser, I thought it would be my last chance saloon.
Now my normal epilator had a separate attachment for facial hair. However this was painful as hell to use so I didn’t persevere.
The Braun Facial epilator, however, has a really small head with horizontal ‘teeth’ so it glides across across rather than up and down like a body epilator. I’m not quite sure if this is what helps ease the pain, but the Braun epilator didn’t seem half as painful as I expected. The other possible reason could be down to the teeth themselves being plastic rather than metal. It seemed softer on the skin with less of a pulling effect.
The main advantage of the facial epilator is that unlike waxing, which takes off a clean, very obvious section of hair, the epilator simply allows you to thin out the area, so you’re not left with any giveaway lines.
I tried the epilator and had less fuzzy downy hair, which is ideal for up-do’s or when hair is swept away from the face.
The area did stay hair free for weeks as promised. However rather than using regularly, I’d probably use for special occasions or times when I would have my hair up.
My video demo shows exactly how it works, so you can judge for yourself.  It might not be for everyone, and epilating at the best of time might fill you with dread.  However, it’s an option worth considering in the quest for smooth skin.

Buffing and face epilating

Obviously, with any form of hair removal, there’s a chance of breakouts, ingrown hairs and other lovely side-effects. So the Braun 2-in-1 dutifully takes care of that, with a separate head for cleansing.

Watch my video demo of the Braun facial cleanser here.
The head rotates like an electric toothbrush. It’s gentle bristles then lightly buff the skin, taking off any dry patches en route. It can be used alone, or with a cleanser. I personally like using it with a cleanser, as it foams up a treat and adds a more clean punch.
While it’s suitable for everyday use, I prefer to use it every few days… My skin isn’t overly dry, so I don’t want to overdo it.
The good thing about the cleansing brush is that it’s gentle yet effective. You don’t feel a rough sloughing effect, yet a minute of rotation around the face is all you really need.
Now it’s worth nothing that the Braun brush and epilator is a bit of an investment. At a cost of £69.99, it may seem like a hefty outgoing. But in the long run, it works out much cheaper than paying for facials at a salon or professional wax or threading jobs. Plus for the latter, there’s much less pain.
So if you’ve got some peach fuzz, be brave and do some thinning with Braun’s epilator. You’ll be wearing your hair in a topknot in no time.
You can get a Braun 2-in-1 facial epilator and cleanser here.

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