HoMedics at home hair reduction conclusion – less hair but still there

June 30, 2013

So here it is. After weeks of committed trailing, my final thoughts on the Homedics Me My Elos at Home Permanent Hair Reduction system.

A while back, I reported on my first foray into permanent hair removal, which you can read all about here.  I’d long heard of laser hair removal and was even tempted to book in for a course of treatments at a salon.  However, I’d always balked at:
a) the price (upwards of £250 for ONE treatment)
b) potential risks.
Plus, as I already had a pretty decent epilator, I put off any need to visit a laser clinic.
However, epilating had its issues – ingrown hairs, scarring and also the fact that your pesky hair keeps coming back.  So HoMedics Me My Elos offered me a solution with their at-home permanent hair reduction system.   This was the most advanced form of hair reduction.  Safer than laser and apparently more effective.
HoMedics Me Quartz hair reduction system, an upgrade from laser hair removal
Anyway, I penned my initial thoughts (see my first review here), but feel that enough time has passed to warrant another update.

HoMedics Me My Elos at Home Hair Reduction – 12 weeks on…

So basically, I’ve been using the epilator on and off for about 12 weeks.  I say on and off because though I am supposed to use it once a week, there has been some lapse where I’ve been away and haven’t taken the kit with me (It isn’t really suited for light travelling).
The HoMedics MeQuartz features a hand held device that you work across the skin
The other thing to bear in mind is also that when I first used the product, I was perhaps overly cautious, so as I was running the
hand-held epilator-style laser tool (see pic, right) across my skin, I inevitably left gaps as I was all too conscious of going over the same area twice.  This of course could have inhibited progress.
So I haven’t been religiously using the treatment, and perhaps I flouted some rules, but I have used it enough to see the benefits.

Hair no more?

I now have slower regrowth on my arms and legs, and the hairs that do come back are a lot more sparse.
However, I am still regularly epilating the short regrowth, so I haven’t quite binned that epilator just yet.
The fact that it is promises permanent hair reduction, rather than permanent hair removal, means that it does what it says on the tin.  I’m glad HoMedics Me My Elos have made this clear as so many products and clinics wrongly project that laser treatment permanently banishes unwanted hair.  When in actual fact, hair does come back and you need to have top up treatments, regardless of whether it’s an at-home treatment, or a salon.
However, one thing I have found is that the regrowth with HoMedics is quicker than I expected, and the progress of the treatment is slower.  Yes, I know I haven’t been using it every week, but I have used it more often than not and longer than the recommended 6-7 week course, yet I still feel that sparse hair is growing back every 2-3 weeks.    This could be down to my hair type, as I am one stubbornly-follicled woman.  You just need to see my eyebrows – if I don’t thread them I fortnightly, EVERYBODY knows about it.  If your hair is less unruly you may notice better results.

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Anyway, my conclusion is…

If it was a choice between the Homedics Me My Elos treatment or getting lasered at a salon, I would choose this treatment every time.  Because at a salon you’d pay a hiked up price and would still need to make regular trips.
Whereas with this treatment, you can carry it out in your own home time and time again, saving time, money and hassle.
However, if you do invest in this, it’s worth bearing in mind that you may not be binning your wax, razor, or epilator just yet.

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