Cor Silver Soap saved my skin

October 14, 2012
Cor Silver Soap packaging
Cor Silver Soap
As I write this post, I’m in a state of skin-happy.  Why? Because for the first time in weeks, I
feel my skin is reaching a state of near-normality.
A lot can happen in just a few weeks.  And I don’t just mean getting married.  As any lady who knows would vouch, the whole build up – which involves being cemented in makeup during trials with trigger happy makeup artists, not to mention the planning, ticking every box, covering every eventuality – getting wed can be a little stressful.
And that was the biggest thing – stress + me = upset skin.
I pinned my hopes on my honeymoon saving my skin, after all, a hot climate usually sorts things out.  However, I think the contrast of the humidity of Singapore, KL and Langkawi, against the dry heat of Dubai only served to cause derma-confusion.  On top of that, my skincare and beauty regime fell by the wayside, and I was instead going for a quick option of the using hotel soap or shower gel.
Landing back in the UK, things weren’t much better.  My weather beaten and stressed out skin
looked parched and in need of some TLC.
I hadn’t applied a face mask in weeks (my favourite beauty indulgence) and it showed.
So it was basically a beauty SOS moment, I hadn’t moved all my things to London so I raided what little I had.  One of which was Cor Silver Soap, a little round orange bar of soap which (clue’s in the name) contained real silver.

The blurb on Cor Silver Soap is this…

The starting point of The Silver Series, Cor’s patented Silver-Silica compound, combined with its unique Japanese CSC compound and nourishing ingredients such as Jojoba, Avocado, Aloe, Vitamins A and E, and Hyaluronic Acid combine to deep cleanse, tone and get to the core of skin’s issues.   
It had been sitting on my shelf for a while but I had a tonne of products to get through so it sadly was ignored.
However, using it just once kick-started my skin and gave me the smooth and clean feeling I craved so badly.  It lathers so easily, so a little goes a long way.  I massaged into my skin and left it for a couple of minutes as advised.   Immediately I began to feel a tightening effect, like a standard soap.  For my combination skin, I wouldn’t leave for longer than two minutes, as my skin began to feel a little irritable when left on for too long.
After rinsing away, I was left with skin that literally squeaked.  The soap delivers a real deep
cleanse which penetrates into the pores, eliminating dry skin and leaving a smooth finish.
My skin did feel taut after use, but my thick moisturiser managed to balance this.

Cor Silver Soap – my honest thoughts

However, as good as Cor Silver Soap is, it’s not something I personally would use everyday, as I feel it may be too harsh.  But I am now using it between a more gentle cleanser.  Dry skinned ladies my find it makes their skin dryer, but for oily combination skins, it’s an ideal grime-buster.
The soap starts at £15 for a 10g trial size, so it doesn’t come cheap. So one thing people may struggle with is the cost of the soap.  However, it seems expensive when you compare it to a regular bar of soap.
However, Cor’s Silver soap is not for the body, so I suspect when used for the face, it lasts several months, so works out the same cost as buying a mid-premium range cleanser.  So from that point of view, it’s not such a bad investment.

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