Superdrug’s Solait offers sun cream for shiny faces – yay!

April 15, 2012
Suncream by Superdrug's Solait mattifying face sun fluid
Superdrug’s Solait mattifying face sun fluid
Now every summer I face the same dilemma.  I know I need to protect my face from the sun and I’m vain enough to know that too much sun does age the skin (how shallow).
I also know that wearing a moisturiser containing an SPF doesn’t cut it.
However, I’m more than aware that applying sum cream to my face gives me a shiny hue and unpleasant, sticky feel.  So what to do?
Well, for those in the same dilemma – suncare versus shininess – Superdrug’s Solait range of sun screens has brought out a mattifying face fluid, with a light texture which should stop shine and let skin breathe.
I’ve tried sun creams for the face before from well known brands such as Boot’s Soltan and Ambre Solait.  But I’d still find that my skin felt pretty weighed down, and shine would inevitably set in.
While I reckon the aforementioned face sun fluids are great for dry skin, they didn’t do wonders for me.  I’m sure they’re also great for holidays on the beach, perhaps the only time when a shiny face is forgivable.
So I turned to Solait as it promised water-resistance, 24 hour hydration, and it wouldn’t block my pores.

Superdrug’s Solait Sun cream – my honest thoughts

As we’re experiencing gorgeous sunny weather – a rarity in Britain – now was the perfect time to use my face fluid.  I’ve been wearing it largely to work, so I can’t vouch for how it would cope in spending the whole day outdoors.
However, I have made sure I popped out for lunch and went for a walk – a rare treat in this role, to make sure I could give the face fluid a bit of a challenge.
The fluid itself feels a lot lighter than many other sun creams, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the skin.  I tend to wear minimal makeup during warmer weather, so I’ve been using this under concealer, blusher and eyeliner.
So far, it hasn’t budged or melted my makeup which many other face fluids have done.
When I first apply it, the fluid looks pretty matte, but afterwards it starts to seep in an get a little dewy, mainly towards the end of the day.
But this is pretty tolerable as it gives more of a glow rather than a full-on face smudge.
And let’s face it, apart from those with very dry skin, pretty much everyone sports a slightly more shiny face in the summer.
I’d be keen to see how it fares under full makeup.  I think on the days I do need to wear foundation, I would apply the sun fluid in place of a face cream, then follow with a mattifying primer and foundation.
Overall, I would recommend Superdrug’s Solait face cream, particularly if you’re a combination skin kinda girl who wants to protect their skin but not look like a total grease-ball.
The Solait Mattifying Face Sun Fluid is available in Superdrug.     

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