Radox makes bathtime smell sumptuous

April 29, 2012
A bottle of Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Therapy
Radox Eastern Spirit Bath Therapy
A while ago I did a little piece on some bath creams from Radox.  It was totally opportune, as we were creeping towards winter, the time when a bath seemed much more appealing than a shower for most of us.
Now we’re fast approaching summer.  Yet I’m curled up under the duvet as I write this post, while the rain and winds are battering the trees outside.
Months after my previous bathing products post, a bath is still much more appealing than a shower.
Again I’ve turned to Radox, trying their Eastern Spirit Bath Therapy.
It was originally for my mum, but I couldn’t resist sneaking some into my bath!
The first thing that strikes you about the bath soak is the smell. It’s citrus-y and zingy and really does help you unwind.
I’m not surprised that the fragrances – Orange
Blossom and Lotus Flower – are traditionally used during meditation in the Far East.
The smell is strong without being overpowering, and leaves a lingering scent on the skin long after you’ve pulled the plug.
Radox Spa Radiant Shower Scrub in berry
Radox Spa Radiant Shower Scrub
But while baths are an indulgent treat on a day off, most of us time-poor girls opt for the shower on a daily basis.  Again, Radox has this
covered, with its Radiant Spa Shower Scrub.
The blend of fig extract and neroli oils (read citrus-y again) smells great, and the bonus is the scrub particles which help you exfoliate.
I apply this scrub with a bath mitt, giving a double whammy of exfoliation, leaving you smelling fresh and with great skin.
It really is a win win situation.
Radox’s Eastern Spirit Bath Therapy costs £1.89, while their Radiant Spa Shower Scrub retails at £2.19.      



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