Sure Maximum Protection roll-on review

March 27, 2012
The packaging on Sure Maximum Protection roll on
Sure Maximum Protection roll on


Now, as we’re all girls reading this (or at least I hope so), it’s time for a home truth.  Every single one of us – no matter how fabulous we are in every other way – is occasionally the victim of a sweat patch.  Yes that’s totally gross and unladylike, but it’s also the unpleasant truth.  Even Rihanna and Beyonce have been papped looking not-so-fresh.  Some are less ‘perspirant’ then others, but essentially, unless you’ve botoxed your underarms, it happens.
Right, with the ugly truth acknowledged, I’ll move onto my review of Sure Maximum Protection roll-on.
I was getting pretty tired of my Simple roll on – it’s fragrance free and seems to offer very minimal protection, so I was totally up for seeing what Sure could offer.
Sure’s Maximum Protection roll-on is making a whopping great big claim – promising 48-hour protection.  The roll on contains something called Trisolid technology, which is supposed to fight odour and wetness (eww) while moisturising the skin.
The roll on comes in two varieties – Confidence and Sensitive.
The Sure Maximum Protection roll on
Sure’s deodorant comes in cream form
The deodorant itself is in cream form, so you twist the bottom until the cream comes through the holes at the top.  The instructions say to use the roll on at night, and it promised to work throughout the day, even after showering.  Another big claim, which I was keen to challenge.
The timing couldn’t have been better to put Sure’s Maximum Protection roll-on to the test – the days were getting much warmer and balmier, and I had a hectic few days ahead.
Sure Maximum Protection offers heavy duty sweat-free
When I first tried the cream, I could see why it was advised to use before bed – the creamy formula took a while to sink in, so it would be a faff to apply first thing in the morning.
In the morning, I had a shower as usual, and was pleased to say that afterwards I could still smell the nice fragrance of the roll on, so it hadn’t washed away.  Also, I didn’t feel like my underarms had been dried out either, which can be the case with some heavy-duty roll on’s.

Sure maximum protection roll-on review – a three day trial

While I’m not a particularly sweaty Betty, over the few days I was trialling the roll on I found myself plunged into many situations that would get anyone hot and bothered:
Day one – nearly crashed into an oncoming vehicle en route to my Arabic course.
Day two – dinner party – cue mad tidy up and cook-athon from early afternoon into the night.
Day three – sitting on a train – suited and booted – with sunshine beaming through the windows, en route to meet a new senior management team (who didn’t even offer me a glass of water – how rude).  Having to busk about PR for two hours.  Kept jacket on throughout meeting – despite being boiling hot – in a bid to keep formalities.
Day three –  S*it hit the fan from all directions. Super busy day at work, followed by two hours of badminton in the evening.
In short, my roll on had got me through all these sticky (sorry, no pun intended) situations.  I’m going to be gross now and say that the only time its wetness claim was challenged slightly was after badminton, but even then, I still smelt pretty fragrant.
One thing I couldn’t vouch for is the 48-hour claim, I was using it everyday, and I can’t see myself going two days without applying deodorant.
What I also really liked about Sure Maximum Protection was its fragrance.  I’d been using Simple’s fragrance-free roll on for so long that I’d forgotten how nice it was to have a perfumed deodorant, rather than just relying on your Eau De Parfum.  At £5.30, it is more expensive than your average roll-on, but it’s very much worth the investment in my eyes.  This roll on gets a thumbs up from me.

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