Propolis Gel – Not quite the bees knees

March 11, 2012

Readers of Desi girl’s beauty blog will know that I’ve tried my lion’s share of blemish treatment products. From Bio-Oil to Dr Murad, few have managed to earn their stripes as bonafide blemish-busters.

Having had enough, I was determined to stick to a simple cleanse-tone-moisturise routine while my aloe vera plant grows and bears lovely, healing leaves.
However, my back-to-basics routine was blown out of the water when my sister presented me with a bottle of Propolis Gel she had received as part of a skincare set.
You see, my sister is a bit of a QVC addict (I really should stage an intervention at some point). She’s pretty much on the cusp of everything that’s beautiful and often introduces me to brands I haven’t heard of.  By rights, she should be the beauty blogger.
Anyway, while initially sceptical of trying another product for blemishes, my sister said that she’d read rave reviews from people hailing Propolis Gel a skin saviour.  So who was I to resist?

For those who are wondering what Propolis Gel is, here’s the lowdown:

Created by bees to protect the hive against infection, Propolis is a century’s old, natural homeopathic antibiotic. A mix of resin, wax and essential oils, Propolis contains organic amino acids, minerals, vitamins and bio-flavanoids which are known to be vital ingredients in the healing process. Propolis has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal properties. Used on infected areas, Propolis gel will speed the healing process whilst fighting further infection.
In addition to this, many people have raved online about how it was great for scars, blemishes and dry skin and even can be used as a moisturiser.
I’ve been using Propolis Gel for nearly a month now, and if there was ever a justification for the need to use a skincare product for a long period of time before writing a review, this was it.
If I was to write my review after just a week, it would have been glowing with praise.  Four weeks on, it’s slightly less glittering.

My honest thoughts

Propolis Gel basically looks like honey, its texture is smooth, like a primer, and a little really goes a long way.
When I first tried Propolis Gel, I noticed how smooth it made my skin feel.  It had a primer-like effect.  However, I definitely wouldn’t say that I could substitute Propolis Gel for a moisturiser.  Used alone, it felt tight on my skin, so definitely needed a cream on top.
Almost instantly, I noticed my skin improving.  Within days, it was clearer, which I wholeheartedly attributed to the gel. I think the Propolis Gel did contribute significantly. Though I believe my skin was also naturally sorting itself out and any pesky teenage spots were calming down.
Blemishes (the bane of my life) were still taking their time to fade, but I didn’t get any new spots for weeks.
Afterwards, if I did get a new spot, it would quickly be zapped by the gel, which I used morning and night, applying a thin layer.
As you can imagine, my initial thoughts were that this gel was a true skin saviour.  This was up until last week.  After using the sauna, I found that my skin came out in a couple of new spots.  I thought Propolis Gel would make short work of them.  Only it didn’t.  The spots stuck around.  Worse, when they left, they were replaced by small blemishes which the gel has failed to fade.

The final verdict

So, I guess propolis gel isn’t foolproof.  Being diplomatic, it’s not even been a week, so I’m continuing to use the gel in a hope that it redeems itself by clearing my skin up once again.  It may come good, but it also could be that my skin has simply got used to the gel and the initial ‘wow’ factor has died down.
Either way, I’m sticking to it, as it still makes my skin amazingly smooth and my aloe vera plant isn’t going to be harvest-able anytime soon.
So in conclusion, the Propolis Gel did deliver initially impressive results, but I wouldn’t say it’s a miracle skin treatment like others claimed.  It is certainly better than Dr Murad, and I still have faith that over the next few weeks it will help clear up my skin.  If it does get back to its best, I’ll be sure to blog about it, but as it stands, I’d say it’s a good treatment, but not amazing.
Propolis Gel is available from QVC as a duo, 500ml and 15ml bottles for £30.             

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