Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil review – mixing oil and water

March 16, 2012
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil white packaging
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
It’s well known that oil and water don’t mix.  However Bobbi Brown is challenging this theory with its Cleansing Oil, which you smooth on before washing off with water – intrigued?  I was!
Bobbi Brown as we all know is a brand lauded for its coveted makeup, but I was a stranger to its skincare range.  So I was keen to sample its cleansing oil, and here’s what I thought…
From a purely aesthetic point of view (vain, I know), the oil looks fab.  Simplistic white packaging and branding which Bobbi Brown is known for, the cleansing oil is something you’d be proud to have on your bathroom shelf.
Bobbi Brown's oil is gentle on eye makeup
Bobbi Brown Cleansing Oil
– mixing oil with water is a
tricky business
Also, it’s a pretty generous sized bottle, 200ml for £27, so it would last.
The oil, which is a 2-in1 cleanser and makeup remover, contains olive oil, ginger and jojoba oil.
The instructions say to pump some oil into your palms, massage the oil into your face, then rinse with water.
I followed this advice, but found the whole concept a little strange, the oil became white and milky and I felt it didn’t quite mix with the water.  Then when I rinsed it off I found that my face still felt a little oily.  What’s more, when I wiped my face with a cotton pad, some of my makeup came off on the pad, so the oil hadn’t thoroughly cleansed my skin.  However, when I used it a second time, I spent more time massaging the oil into my skin, and I found that the cleanser did remove my makeup more thoroughly.

Bobbi Brown cleansing oil review – my honest thoughts

Having combination skin, I think I wouldn’t use this as an everyday cleanser, as it’s a little too gentle and could result in breakouts.  I imagine however that it works a treat on dry skin, as it doesn’t strip or irritate the skin at all.
Where I will give Bobbi Brown’s Cleansing Oil credit is the effect on eye makeup.  It really does remove even the toughest eyeliner gels, where many other makeup removers failed.  Normally I find I’m dragging a cotton pad across my eye, inevitably making it easier for wrinkles to set in years later.  But with this gentle cleanser I wasn’t rubbing my eyes as vigorously.
However, be careful you don’t get any of the oil in your eyes.  I did and had a cloudy eye for about a minute, not very convenient!
I’ve read other reviews on this Cleansing Oil, and most have been glowing, but some have commented on the fact they still use a cleanser afterwards.  Which brings me to my point, I think it’s a good eye makeup remover, but I wouldn’t rely on it as a cleanser, as it’s just too gentle for my skin, and I need something with more of a kick and little less moisture.
I think if I had more mature or dry skin, it would suit me better.  But as it stands, I would use Bobbi Brown’s Cleansing Oil to remove my makeup, but I would still turn to my other cleansers for everyday use.

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