How to make your own makeup – Homemade Benetint blusher

January 8, 2012
How to make homemade Benetint
Homemade Benetint
Readers of Desi girl’s blog may know that I’m a fan of anything homemade.  From face masks, to body exfoliators, there are huge benefits to making your own beauty treatments.
Not only do you save a packet, you know exactly what’s going on your skin, so you can avoid all the other nasties that get packed into your shop-bought cosmetics.
One such cosmetic cheat I’ve recently learnt from my sister (who’s a bit of a beauty whizz) is how to make your own homemade version of Benetint, and it’s easier than you think…
If you’ve tried Benefit’s Benetint, you’ll know the virtues of this highly pigmented, lasting stain.  I’ve reviewed this twice, once because I was initially unimpressed because I just couldn’t get the hang of it (Benetint Cheek and Lip Tint? More like finger stain…), and the second time because I totally changed my view and decided I actually rather liked it (U-turn on Benefit’s Benetint).  Flakiness is a blogger’s prerogative.
Anyway, to make your own version of Benetint, all you need is:
  • Rose water
  • Red food colouring (powder form – available in all good supermarkets)
  • An easily sealable tub – ideally a travel shampoo bottle or similar
You start with the rose water, about 15ml of it is a good start, then you simply add as much food colouring as you need – that’s basically it!  Obviously start very gradually, with a pin prick amount.  A little of the food colouring goes a very long way with this.
For the full Benetint effect you need add the colouring until you achiveve deep, blood red colour.  I’ve included a picture of the original Benetint below, so you can compare with the picture of my homemade version.
A sample of Benefit's Benetint
Benefit’s Benetint
Now you may be thinking, how can I put food colouring on my face?
My view is, if it’s good enough to put inside your body, surely it should be good enough to put on your skin.  And no, you won’t be stained for life.
But like Benetint, it is won’t be washed away with water alone, you need to get the cleanser or makeup remover on it.
This is my view is a good thing, as often blusher is the first thing to slide off your face when you’re having a makeup meltdown.
As further proof of the similarities, look at the pictures below.  In the picture on the left, I’ve applied the homemade version of Benetint, whilst on the right, I’m wearing the real deal – can you see much difference?
Benetint blush
Homemade Benetint looks the same…
Benetint blush
                                                 …as the original Benetint!
The trick with this is to apply really sparingly.  While Benetint advises you to use three brush strokes, the homemade version only requires one dot of colour.  Anymore, and you may look like a Punch and Judy puppet!
The beauty of keeping the homemade tint in a flip top bottle (the one I used contained a shampoo), is that you can control how much or little you use by applying gradually.
Overall, the homemade Benetint has exactly the same effect as the original version, which sets you back around £23.  This handy mixture has the same deep colour as Benefit’s version, and lasts just as long.  Also, like Benetint, you’re left with a lovely finger stain after using!
I would definitely recommend giving this a try, you’ll be impressed with the results.

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