What is a scouse brow? A scary hairy trend being claimed by Liverpudlians

December 19, 2011
The scouse brow - a scary trend
The scouse brow – wtf?
Now, I’ve never been one to suffer for fashion, nor would I sport a beauty trend that doesn’t work for me.  And there have been lots. Pixie cropped hair anyone?  Pink highlights? Not to mention many of the beauty fads that have been inspired by models of the moment – for example, the rise of the gap tooth has left many an orthodontist crying into their dentist’s chair.  On the other hand, bright red lipstick is a trend I admire, but I struggle to pull it off.

However, one new trend that is sweeping across the UK tops them all, for the wrong reasons… The scouse brow.

I found out about this through the beacon of all news (ahem) – The Daily Mail online.
Basically, Channel 4’s baby sister, E4, has a new reality show to plug – Desperate Scousewives, about a bunch of housewives from Liverpool – so the programme has honed in on a trend that the women are claiming to have invented, and this bizarre story has garnered acres of coverage in the tabloids.
So anyway, the scouse brow sounds very familiar.  It is basically a trend for thick, dark eyebrows.  Now I’m not being funny, but throughout my young life I sported thick, dark eyebrows.  That was until the age of 12, when I discovered the tweezers.  More recently I have found a brilliant eyebrow threader who can’t speak English but does a great job turning my caterpillars into sleek arches.  Side note, if you’d like to learn how to thread your eyebrows, check out my super quick and easy tutorial here.
My point is, how can these non-entities be claiming to have invented this trend?  Most of us Asian women were born this way.
And those that weren’t have tried their best to garner eyebrows that are thick and full.  Many a starlet has sported this trend before, and I’m sure their inspiration didn’t come from the Mersey.  Keira Knightley, Kelly Brook and Kim Kardashian all bear trademark thick, but perfectly groomed brows.
I guess the Liverpool ladies have made a slight change, in that their eyebrows look like thick, false painted-on eyebrows which give the illusion of a pantomime dame.

The scouse brow – but why?

This leads me to my next point, why the hell would you want to sport comedy eyebrows anyway?  The press have been quick to attribute this trend to scousers, claiming that everyone is copying them, from royalty (Kate Middleton) to stars of the reality and soap kind (Lauren Goodger and Helen Flanagan).
So I guess the purpose of this ranting post is two-fold.  Firstly, sorry scousewives, but I was sporting a thick dark brows way before you took up valuable TV airtime.  So it can hardly be called a scouse brow.  And secondly girls, reality stars and z-listers, please stop jumping on the bandwagon of any old trend.  After all, you may look fashionable, but you won’t look good.

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