Sanex Zero% review – everywoman’s shower buddy

November 16, 2011
Sanex Zero% dry skin wash
Sanex Zero%


No, the title isn’t a typo, Sanex Zero% really is a great shower gel for everywoman (no space intended).  This is because – while it’s not gorgeously fragrant like most other shower gels out there, Sanex’s is as pure as they come – containing no nasty chemicals.
I first used Sanex when I was a teenager.  At the time, I was suffering from slightly sensitive skin, so I wanted a shower gel that wouldn’t irritate.  The lady in Boots suggested I try Sanex on the basis that it has minimal chemicals, so wouldn’t be harsh on my skin, cleaning and protecting at the same time.
She also mentioned to me, in secretive, furtive tones, that Sanex was good for ‘back-ne’.  I was mortified, and despite my insistence that I wasn’t suffering from that common teenage issue, she winked at me and insisted that it would do the trick.  Shame aside, at least I could bank this information should I indeed suffer a hormone imbalance resulting in pubescent spots.

Sanex Zero% review – style over substance

Anyway, the Sanex bottle itself was rather large and intimidating, and looked more like a toilet cleaner or bleach.  Compared to the other, pretty shower gel bottles on the shelf, it looked unashamedly medicinal and slightly unappealing.  However, I took the saleswoman’s suggestions on board.  It was totally the right decision, as Sanex did a great job at soothing my irritated skin, with its fragrance free, clinical magic. Over the years I dabbled with different brands to fulfil my need for fragrant showering, but Sanex always held a special place in my heart.
However, Sanex has come back with a vengeance with Sanex Zero%, ramping up it’s packaging, with a clear bottle, that’s much smaller and doesn’t scream ‘I’ve got problem skin’.
It’s still the same great Sanex, which helps you get clean and protects the most sensitive of souls, but it’s new look makes it much more palatable.  And this time round, the product itself feels much more lather-able, a must for any shower gel.
So I would say, if you crave a shower gel that will leave you smelling fresh as well as clean, this fragrance-free concoction isn’t for you.
However, if you are itchy, sensitive or even suffer the dreaded ‘back-ne’ (I won’t tell anyone), give Sanex a try, as it might just be what you’re looking for.

Sanex Zero% is available in the following variants:

Normal skin, dry skin and sensitive skin RRP £1.89, 250ml
Also available: Sanex Zero% foam bath for normal skin RRP £3.19, 650ml

The Sanex Zero% range is dermatologically tested and proven to keep skin healthy.      


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