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November 8, 2011
Girl wearing too much makeup
It’s easily done
On my quest for the perfect makeup, there’s one burning issue that yet to be resolved – why, oh why, does my makeup always look crap on a special occasion?
Case in point – a wedding last weekend.  I had tried my new Front Cover makeup gift set a couple of days earlier (full review here).  If I do say so myself, my application was immaculate and I instantly fell in love with a few of the colour combinations.
I thought that repeating the process for the wedding would be simple enough.  However, on that morning EVERYTHING went wrong.  I think I was doomed from the start.
I applied my eye makeup first, as had been advised by makeup artists in the past.  I understood the thinking behind this – that any specks of eyeshadow or mascara can easily be brushed away from a makeup free face.  However, with a bare face, I simply couldn’t visualise how the eyeshadow would look once my makeup was complete, so I piled on the eyeshadow in a gung-ho fashion.
However despite my constant layering of the eye colour in question – a pale pink which looked classy and rosy just days before – came on very lightly and ended up looking cakey and chalky on my eyelids.  Even the eyeliner screwed me over, as an unsteady stroke left me with a panda effect on my lower lashline.  I neither had the time nor patience to wipe this away, so I thickened the other lower lashline to match.  In for a penny, in for a pound and all that.

Blush overload when you don’t need it

Just to ruin things further, I was overgenerous when tipping my Bellapierre Blush – a gorgeous Dusky Rose shade – into the lid of the tub.  This meant that I had way too much blush to play with.  Despite my constant dusting of the brush to remove the excess, I still ended up with loads of blusher.  I could have always binned some of the surplus powder, but I guess in my rush to get ready, common sense went out of the window.
Finally, having amassed a generous collection of lip colours, I found myself slightly spoiled for choice.  I opted for the pink that I thought was most flattering to both my outfit and complexion.  Well, let me tell you, it failed on both counts.
Will little time to go, I had to suck up my dissatisfaction with my look and make my way to the venue.  I felt that my stunning pink outfit had been let down by a questionable face caked in dubious makeup.  And as far as hair went, three strokes of a brush was all I had time for.
I would love to post a picture of my ‘look’, but quite simply, I didn’t take any pictures.  Or if I did, I must have deleted them at the scene.

Nervous-getting-ready-syndrome – it’s a thing

However, upon arrival at the venue, I noticed I wasn’t alone.  Half the guests had suffered what I would like to clinically term nervous-getting-ready-syndrome.  Makeup is applied with a trowel, to hilarious effect.  Cue lots of heavy eye makeup, TOWIE-esque lashes and my personal favourite, a generous dash of deep purple blusher resembling a bruise.  Many looked as though they had enlisted the help of a makeup artist. There seemed to be some precision to the heavy application.  If so, they should demand a refund.
You see, it’s something about special occasions that bring out the cack-handedness in us brown skin girls.  Suddenly all the makeup rules go out of the window, replaced with the mantra ‘more is more’.
I think my excuse is that when I’m going to getting ready for a special occasion, I feel that my makeup should have a bit more ‘sparkle’ than my day-to-day look.  So on goes the highlighter and colourful eyes.  However, with me, less really is more.  My minimal workwear look suits me much better than the makeup application many of us Asian girls succumb to on a special occasion.
So for the next wedding I’m going to, which is in a couple of weeks, I will (attempt to) be minimal.  Well, let’s see how that goes.
Names and wedding locations have been unidentified to protect overdone he-she tranny identities.

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