Vanity thy name is HalimaBobs – nearly losing my makeup

October 16, 2011
Foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick - my beauty essentials
Makeup – material goods or a girl’s essentials

I recently had a scary moment on a train when a stranger accidentally took my suitcase, thinking it was theirs.  I was panicked at the thought of never getting it back.  Luckily, the stranger was a good egg and did the decent thing after realising his mistake and handed it back in to the train station.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about this is because it managed to put my materialistic needs into perspective (though not necessarily in a good way).

HalimaBobs without makeup – not good

During the scary 24-hours that I was minus my suitcase, I began to mourn its contents, contemplating the fact that I may never get them back.  I also realised that the things I was most bothered about losing were my cosmetics.  I said a few words for my BellaPierre nine-stack Eyeshadow set, my New CID I-Primer, my Urban Decay Coloured Eyeliners, my Smashbox Lipgloss and my MAC Foundation.
I was so caught up in the thought of losing my makeup that I barely gave a thought to the clothes, shoes and accessories I’d also packed.
While I had fleeting moments of lucidity, where I realised that these were just material things, these thoughts were squashed by the more overbearing prospect of having to replenish my make-up bag.

How to NOT lose all your makeup – my top packing tips for a weekend away

Anyway, nearly losing my makeup has made me take stock.  Now that I now have my suitcase back with prized cosmetics in tact, I would like to impart some wisdom.  Firstly, for an overnight stay, NEVER pack your entire makeup bag.  You won’t need every single item.  Just take the basics and a few extra options on top.  I normally do this, and the one time I didn’t, I risked losing everything.  Secondly, when on public transport, keep your possessions on you at all times.  Sit on your suitcase if needs be, that’ll reduce the chance of it straying.  And finally, keep some essentials in your handbag.  Despite my distress over the nearly-lost suitcase, I comforted myself with the fact that I carried two lipsticks with me.
I just thought I’d impart some wisdom.  After all, there’s a lesson in everything.

What about you, what material possession do you prize above all?  Plus, what would you be least bothered about losing?


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