Dr Murad didn’t cure me – Blemish Treatment Gel review

September 1, 2011

Blemish gel from Murad skincareI got taken for a real mug recently.  I mean ridiculously so.  Have you ever seen that episode of Family Guy when Peter Griffin gets talked into buying cloud insurance?  Well that was me on my last visit to Urban Retreat.

While I had a really nice pedicure at the spa, based in Harvey Nichols, Manchester, I then couldn’t help but have a nosey around their skincare range.  Well, I am a beauty blogger after all, so it was all in the name of research.
Anyway, I rather naively took an interest in their complementary skin scanner.  And let me tell you, while using the scanner is free, you’ll soon be paying up, big time.
The scanner essentially takes a snapshot of your skin and highlights any imperfections – blemishes, lines, thin skin, you name it.
Now, I’m not one to question technology, but I did wonder whether it was once of those machines which exaggerated the tiniest of flaws for ‘shock effect’.  In fact, I would challenge anyone to use it and see if they come out unscathed, I certainly didn’t.
I was warned about thin skin, uneven skin and any manner of issues which in normal viewing, you wouldn’t even notice.  But under the unforgiving skin scanner, all was laid to shame.
I was then told that I should really be using suncare and preventative treatment for wrinkles.  I’m in my twenties.  My mum doesn’t even have wrinkles, so if I follow after her, I should be OK, right?
When I protested, I was then told by the beautician/great saleswoman that she uses youth protecting creams and sunblock, and she’s just 20.  In fact, she said that girls should actually start to hold back time from the age of 15.  I really should have smelled the BS right then.
Then came the sell.  I was told that all these ghastly things can of course be treated with products they happen to sell.  Dr Murad was hailed as the best treatment.

Murad Blemish treatment gel review – hook, line and sinker

I listened intently, falling for the spiel.  I was advised that the best option for me was Dr Murad’s Gentle Blemish Treatment Gel, plus some vitamin packed brightening cream and a cleanser.  I didn’t want my encounter with the Skin Scanner to end in a three-figure purchase, so I opted to just buy the Treatment Gel – at £34.99 – as this would apparently be the best for me.
It promises visible result within two weeks, and also claims to prevent new spots.  Let me tell you, Dr Murad does not do exactly what it says on the tin.
I’ve been using it for over a month, and have hardly noticed any difference.  Yes, my skin does look clear, but as I’ve said before, it’s more likely due to the natural process of skin cell renewal.
But for me, the greatest disappointment is that it certainly did not stop new blemishes.
OK, it could be argued that having just gone through the holy month of Ramadan, with its unbalanced diet of deep fried pakoras, my skin was under a little strain, but even before Ramadan, and just this week, I’ve had to fend off a couple of incessant pimples trying to make me look like a teenager.
Being a premium product with a premium price tag of over £30, I would have expected much better.  In fact, my trusty tea tree oil, at less than a tenth of the price, produces better results.
Sorry Dr Murad, but this patient is giving you the thumbs down.

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