Eye cream shootout – Madara Firming Eye Contour Gel review

September 7, 2011
Madara eye cream
Madara Firming Eye Contour Gel
Readers of Desi girl’s blog will know that I’ve spent the past few months on a quest to find the solution to the bugbear of most women – dark circles and lines around the eyes.
My personal reason was that I had been told by two separate beauticians that I simply NEEDED to start using an eye cream as my eyes looked dehydrated.
Well, after putting my eyes through the wringer (and roping in my poor sisters) to sample a variety of eye creams, treatments, serums, gels, etc, I’ve realised that there is no silver bullet / magic solution.
Reducing dark circles and lines is not an overnight process, nor can we expect miracles.  Sometimes it’s about prevention, particularly in your twenties, when imperfections haven’t really set it.  So results will never be radical.
So while I couldn’t show amazing before and after pictures (my problem wasn’t that bad in the first place, thank you), I thought the best way to conduct a fair review is to use each product for a month, and then details their claim, against what I’ve found.
So now I’ve set out my stall, onto the next product – Madara Firming Eye Contour Gel.

Madara Firming Eye Contour Gel review – The claim:

A light-textured deeply hydrating gel-cream that helps to smooth fine lines.  It also diminishes puffiness, dark circles and signs of fatigue, leaving your eyes looking radiant.
Enriched with Baltic botanicals – cucumber, parsley, aloe, horse chestnut.

Madara Firming Eye Contour Gel review – The reality:

Well, while RoC® Sublime Energy™ Eye was also about ghee-whizz technology, with its clinical-looking silver packaging, Madara is on the other end of the spectrum.  And gorgeously so.
Madara is back to basics – eco friendly and at one with nature.  Its products include blossoms and herbs caught at their peak from Latvia, the country of Madara’s origin.  OK, that means nothing to most of us, but it sure sounds nice.
Most importantly, the cream is rich, and feels luxurious, giving your skin the hydration it needs.  Having used it for a while, I’ve definitely noticed improvements, as my eyes look more hydrated and less dry.
In fact, I liked Madara so much that I forgot that I was using it for research, and went over my self-imposed four week trial period.
As with all eye creams, the results are subtle, but I’m glad to say that I’m not resorting to under eye concealer.
Madara’s Firming Eye Contour Gel costs around £23, and is a good investment for your eyes.
So, I would give Madara, the thumbs up.  I’ve got one more to eye treatment to review, and then I’ll be posting a summary for the ‘Great Eye Cream Shootout’ – keep your eyes peeled.
MÁDARA is sold in Wholefoods, independent stores nationwide and online from leading online retailers. 

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