Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes Review (and how to create smokey eyes)

September 14, 2011
Collection 2000's Smokey Eye palette in brown
Collection 2000’s Smokey Eye


Collection's Smokey Eye palette contains nine shades
The Smokey Eye palette from Collection 2000
When I was offered the chance to review the Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes kit, I jumped at the chance.  This was because it played to two of my beauty bugbears:
1)     I can’t create the smokey-eyed look to save my life
2)     I always thought that cheaper eyeshadows aren’t very good
At a cost of £4.10, the Collection 2000 Smokey Eyes kit certainly falls into the budget category.  Plus, with its handy instructions on how to create a smokey eye, it seemed to be a win-win product.
Creating the smokey eye look has always been a challenge for me.  Generally, dark eyeshadows don’t sit well on my large, round and slightly hooded eyes.  It either makes them appear deep-set or looks like I have a black eye, or worse, I look like a desi goth.  As a result, I tend to stick with lighter or golden shades, often wearing just the one colour, so there is little blending involved.
More recently, I’ve experimented with colour more.  Not least because of this blog, as I wanted to share my mistakes and occasional triumphs.  So when the Smokey Eye kit arrived, I was keen to give it a try.
The kit comes with eight colours, and one cream.  The colours are separated as light (white and pink), medium (bronze and two silver shades) and dark (browns and a black), and the cream is a light pink.
The kit comes with an idiot-proof step-by-step guide on the back, stating:
  1.  Blend the medium shade over the eyelid.
  2. Brush the dark shade from the outer corner and blend into the centre of the lid.  For more impact, sweep along the lower lash line.
  3. Use the light shade to highlight the brow bone.
  4. Brighten the inner corner of the eye with the cream.
Simples, eh?
I followed the instructions to a T (and used a willing guinea pig, too).  The results are as follows:
Bronze shimmering eye makeup
Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Palette, bronze shade
Grey/silver shimmer eye makeup
Collection 2000 Smokey Eye Palette, silver shade
The only adaption I made was that I used BellaPierre’s eyeshadow base before applying the colour, as this created an even-toned canvass.
Considering the price, the dark and medium eyeshadows have a good colour to them.  I was also impressed by the fact that there were no creases, so there was good pigmentation.  However, I think the light shades didn’t come on as well.  The pink was OK, but the white looked every so slightly chalky.
I also wasn’t sure of the point of the cream.  It didn’t really brighten, or even come on as a colour.  So on Asian skin tones, I don’t think it particularly helps.
However, after experimentation, I think that Collection 2000 is a nice little handbag-sized set which has all the smokey eye colours in one place.  Plus it won’t break the bank.  But I think they are definitely better used with the base.  In fact, I should have applied the base up to the brow bone, as this may have avoided the slight chalkiness with the white colour.
The instructions with the set are also very handy for novices like me.  The one piece of advice I would add in terms of creating the smokey eye is to work with your eye shape.  As I’ve got round eyes, I used less of the darker shade.  However, my sister has long eyes which are less hooded (i.e. you see less eyelid when open), so she could be more liberal with the darkest shade in the palette.
Happily, Collection 2000’s simple instructions can be applied to most eye colours.  See below the results of my handiwork with an eye palette from Debenhams, which was also pretty reasonably priced.
Purple smokey eye
Purple can also create a smokey eye look


Purple and black smokey eye
Smokey eye, courtesy of Debenhams eye palette


Using different shades of purple can also achieve a ‘smokey look’.  Again, I used the BellaPierre base as a foundation for the colour.  I’ve also seen smokey palettes in shades of green, pink and blue.  So if you’re afraid of too dark colours, there’s a smokey eye out there for you.

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