Best bathtime bubbles and body scrubs review

September 30, 2011
I’ve recently started a new job which comes with a much bigger responsibility.  While this is doing wonders for my career, one of the downsides is that I’ve been drafted here, there and everywhere, which means spending precious time away from my family.
However, in a bid to see the positives in everything (well, at least I try), I’ve used this opportunity to take some ‘me time’ – reading a book, putting on a face mask and gorging on room service.

Best bath time bubbles and body scrubs review

Another luxury which comes with staying alone is that I can have a long bath without anyone banging on the door.  Something which, according to a new report from Radox, is one of our favourite treats.
Research by Radox reveals that the average person spends 16 weeks of their life in the bath, with three out of four of us using the bath as a time for solace and ‘me time’.
Radox Bath Smoothies come in three fruity flavours
Radox Bath Smoothies
Well, I certainly agree with the latter.
Plus, with winter creeping in, more of us are turning to the bath over the quick and dirty shower.  So I thought I should combine by work-travel boredom with a spot of reviewing of bath goodies so I can recommend to you what to lather up in.
Radox has brought out a new range of Bath Smoothies, sumptuous fruit-flavoured bath creams which lather up a treat.  Essentially, it’s bubble bath for grown ups.  I’ve tried Soul Soother – a blend of cranberry, blackcurrant and chamomile – during one of my recent stays, and it does what it says on the bottle.
Soaking in the bath made me totally forget about the horrible journey to the hotel, where I had to stand in a packed out, smelly train.  I could have bathed longer had it not been for an irrational fear of sliding and drowning in the bath.  But that’s a whole other issue.

Best bath time body scrubs

Skincare review - Rose body scrub from Dr Organic
Dr Organic’s Rose
Otto Body Scrub
Anyway, while Radox Bath Smoothies are lovely for relaxing, if you want to pack a cleansing punch into your ‘me time’, then I would recommend Dr Organic’s Rose Otto Body Scrub.  True to its name, the Rose-Otto oil infused scrub is great for cleansing and polishing (no need for a loofah).  It really goes further in the bath, as opposed to the shower, as the rose essence stays in the water.  Plus, using circular motions, you can properly exfoliate without the water rinsing the little volcanic lava particles (yes, that’s right, LAVA) away.
I hope these recommendations are of use, as we head through autumn, I’ll be sure to post some more winter-friendly tips and reviews!
Radox Bath Smoothies are available from Boots, Superdrug and selected supermarkets.  RRP: £2.99.
Dr Organic’s Rose Otto Body Scrub is available at Holland & Barrett stores and online.

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