Smashbox Mega Lips Lip Gloss Duo fills the void for pouty girls

August 26, 2011
Smashbox Mega Lips pink and gold lip gloss
Smashbox Mega Lips
Lip Gloss Duo
Having full lips can be both a blessing and a curse.  It’s a blessing because a fuller pout is upheld as the ideal aesthetic we all aspire to, and it’s less likely that I’ll need to resort to faddy lip-plumping treatments later on in life.
However, the downside is that I can’t always pull off lip gloss with style.  This sounds crazy, but some glosses, with their reflective glass-like effect, can actually look a bit much – like my lips are melting, or dripping, as has been politely commented on in the past (thanks, sis).
I think that’s a common issue for fuller lipped ladies, which is why you usually see Angelina Jolie and ‘kipper lips’ (her words, not mine) Rosie Huntington-Whitely wearing matte, natural or rosy shades, to tone things down and flatter their pout.  Exception to the rule is, Kim Kardashian and the UK’s ‘answer’ to Kim (and I say this loosely), star of The Only Way is Essex – or TOWIE – Lauren Goodger.  Both ladies lather on the gloss, but let’s face it, when you’re famous for being famous, the last thing you want to do is tone things down.
However, there’s no denying that I do love lip gloss for its vibrancy and sheen, so I just have to choose more carefully than others when it comes to selecting a gloss for me.

Smashbox Mega Lips Lip Gloss Duo review – a time saver for full lips

That’s why I’m so impressed with Smashbox’s Mega Lips Lip Gloss Duo.  It was practically invented for the fuller lipped girl.  You see, loyal to the name, the gloss really is mega. Its almost ridiculously fat wand, which allows me to coat my lips in one sure sweep.
Also the colour of the duo, is more matte than glossy.  My particular fave is the pink shade, which is particularly flattering to Asian skintones.
I would say that Smashbox’s Duo is the perfect compromise between lip gloss and lipstick.  This is because the gloss’ matte finish takes away the mirror-like shine, yet it still has a sheen that a lipstick couldn’t compete with.
What I’m particularly enamoured on is the depth of colour, or pigmentation if you really want to get technical.  Some lip glosses need several layers before you can see colour. Others come on thick, but are actually rather light and wishy-washy and leave you with the barest hint of colour.  Smashbox’s Mega Lips Lip Gloss Duo actually comes on strong and stays strong.
It also lacks the gloopy-ness other glosses have.  Again, this is possibly due its pigmentation, though I suspect its high quality has something to do with that, too.
Of course, there is a chink in the Smashbox Duo’s armour.  Like any gloss, you get your hair caught in a gust of wind, and it’s all over your face.  But hey, it won’t stop me wearing it.
Smashbox Mega Lips Lip Gloss Duo is £19.40 and available on QVC.

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